Mangoes are a favorite fruit for many around the globe. They have been grown (and enjoyed!) in South Asia for thousands of years. By the 4th century B.C., they reached East Asia and by the 10 century A.D., they had reached East Africa. The sweet and delicious, juicy mango then traveled to other warm weather climates, including Brazil, Mexico and the West Indies where it has been incorporated into food and drinks that many consider part of their daily life.
Today, a third of the mangoes come from India. The second largest source is China. They are also grown in Spain and other warm and sunny places like Florida and California (in the U.S.A.).

If you haven’t tried a mango before, now is the time to add one to your “must have” ingredients for your next smoothie. Mangoes are a sweet fruit that are good for you. Remember that there are different varieties of mangoes So if you try one and it is not to your liking, don’t be shy about giving a different mango a try.

Mango Nutrients
The mango is known for being a great source of fiber. You’ll also find that mangoes have lots of vitamin C and vitamin A. There are different varieties of mangoes, so one could have a bit more fiber or more vitamins than another. But in general, the good nutrients you’ll find from mangoes remain the same. And this is one of the reasons many choose this healthy ingredient for their smoothie – they know they can count on it for the fiber and the vitamins A and C. The pulp of the mango also has some vitamin B6 and omega 3 and omega 6.

Adding Mango to Your Smoothie
If you’ve never tried mango in your smoothie, you are in for a real treat. Mangoes are sweet and juicy and so good for you! This is another fruit we consider very kid friendly, though it can often be one they haven’t tried before. Not every family has mangoes in the fruit bowl at home. But this is a great time to show your kids that trying new fruits can be fun.

Remember that mangoes are juicy – and can be slippery – so you want to use a bit of caution while cutting them up. Cutting a mango can take a bit of practice if you haven’t done it before. Some varieties of mangoes are juicier than others. Use a cutting board and a small knife so you always have control. Cut the mango into strips, the same way you would cut an apple or an avocado. There is a pit inside, just like with an avocado.

Your mango will turn your smoothie a deep golden orange or yellow color. A very good compliment for your mango ingredient is to add berries, raspberries, blueberries or strawberries are all excellent (and delicious!) choices.

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