Pineapple Smoothie Recipes, Healthy Benefits & Nutrition

The pineapple is a fruit unlike any other. The name of the fruit originates from the Tupi word “nanas” which translates as “excellent fruit.” Once you taste that pineapple in your smoothie, we know you’ll certainly agree with the Tupi!

Pineapples first began near right in between South Brazil and Paraguay. Christopher Columbus first discovered the pineapple in 1493 in the Indies, and brought this sweet and tasty fruit back with him to Europe. The pineapple was then brought to Hawaii, Guam and Zimbabwe. In the 17th century, pineapples were successfully grown in hothouses in Europe, making it a treat that could be enjoyed even in cooler temperatures.

Today, the most pineapples are grown in Southeast Asia, at 2198 thousand metric tons. Thailand follows right behind in second place with 1894 thousand metric tons and Costa Rica follows in third place with 1870 thousand metric tons. Pineapples are grown in many sunny and warm climates, including Chile, India, Mexico, Columbia and Malaysia.

Pineapple Nutrients

The pineapple is a healthy choice indeed for your smoothie. You’ll find it is an excellent source of vitamin C, it has about 130% of your daily recommended allowance per one cup serving. It also is a great source for manganese, with 76% of your daily recommended allowance. Many enjoy pineapple as a special healthy treat because it is so delicious and is also good for you.

Adding Pineapple to Your Smoothie

This is a great smoothie choice especially if you are having a family gathering or guests for dinner or a party. If you (or they) haven’t had fresh pineapple, you are all in for a real treat – because it really just doesn’t taste much like that canned stuff we’ve come to know. It is well worth it to give fresh pineapple a try if you want to make healthy smoothies. And smoothies with pineapple make them a bit more special, something you just don’t see everyday. So whether you are making them to treat your family, guests or to treat yourself, this is a smoothie ingredient to truly savor.

Some look at a pineapple and wonder, “how do I cut this up?” It is actually easier than you might think. Get your cutting board and a sharp knife. Cut the top off (the stem and about 1 inch of the top of the pineapple) and then cut the bottom off. Then stand the pineapple on one flat end and cut the peel off each side. Watch this video to see:

Pineapples are sweet and will go well with many ingredients, try them with citrus fruit for a refreshing taste!

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Tropical Pineapple Mango Smoothie


I have not tried this smoothie recipe, it is a submission from one of our readers (submit your recipe). If you try this combination, especially the egg, I’m very curious how this will taste.

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Tropical Pina Colada Smoothie


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