Blueberry Smoothie Recipes, Healthy Benefits & Nutrition

Many people enjoy blueberries. But it may surprise you just how many people enjoy these sweet, small blue berries! The blueberries we see in stores are most often grown commercially in North America. Actually most of them come from Maine. But there are wild berries and other similar berries in other countries, found in South America, Europe and Asia. Some call these “huckleberries” and others call them “bilberries.” While blueberries are always blue, huckleberries and bilberries are red or purple. Whichever you pick for your smoothie, you’ll certainly have a delicious smoothie when you add blueberries to them. And they are a favorite ingredient to add because they are a healthy and delicious choice!

Blueberry Nutrients

You’ll want to add a handful of blueberries to any smoothie, because it is a great way to add vitamins and minerals to your daily diet. When you eat blueberries, you’ll take in vitamin C, vitamin K and the dietary mineral manganese. They are also a good source of fiber, just as any fruits or vegetables are.

Blueberries also have phytochemicals, which have gone and are going through research that may show how they are helpful to those who suffer from diseases such as cancer and inflammation. Blueberries also have also undergone other studies that may show that adding them to your diet may help to lower your cholesterol or improve symptoms of depression. While research studies are still being done – and man can not live by a tiny blue fruit alone – this news does let us know that blueberries certainly do offer a lot of nutritional value. If you are looking for a health ingredient for your smoothie, give blueberries a try!

Adding Blueberry to Your Smoothie

Blueberries are a favorite ingredient to add to smoothies. They are both sweet and healthy, the ideal choice for any smoothie. Another reason to choose them is that the berries are a nice compliment to a vegetable based smoothie, if you are hoping for a stronger fruit taste.
This is also a great ingredient to choose if you are making smoothies for your kids. Many kids, even if they don’t like fruits and veggies, will often eat a handful of blueberries. Just as the berries will “mask” veggies, you probably can sneak a few veggies into your kids by making a blueberry themed smoothie, watching them gulp it down!

Remember that blueberries are a dark colored berry when they are mixed into a smoothie. You can count on them to make most of your smoothies turn purple or light purple. This color too is fun for kids!


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