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Blue Soy Milk Smoothie

Blue Soy Milk Smoothie

Blue Soy Milk Smoothie
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I have recently become addicted to Silk Soy milk and its creamy vanilla flavor. I read on the outside of the Silk Soy milk box a very simple smoothie recipe. I changed it a little after trying their recipe and added some more fruit. It is delicious so I wanted to share it with you in case you didn't believe the simplicity of recipe could actually be so tasty.



1 cup Silk Vanilla Soy milk
1 cup frozen blueberries (they must be frozen)
1/2 strawberries (fresh or frozen)


8 Mins
2 Mins
Ready In
10 Mins

  1. And that's it. No sweeteners needed, it is wonderfully creamy and delicious. My wife asked for seconds. I blended it in my Bullet Blender (Magic Bullet Express 17-Piece High-Speed Blender Mixing System) and it was quick to make. I now have a new quick and favorite standby. If you have tried any other combos, please let me know.
    • Jac
    • June 12, 2010

    Hi sounds great but what do you mean by 1/2 strawberries? is that 1/2 a cup of strawberries? Also, how many does it serve with the quantities in your recipe?

      • Blender Man
      • July 10, 2010

      sorry, 1/2 cup of strawberries. I say this is one delicious serving.

    • Anth
    • June 27, 2010

    Great recipes!You may want to look at rice or almond milk instead of soy. The majority of soy used in everything worldwide is genetically modified and there is starting to be a lot of research that says stay away from it.

    • W&M
    • July 11, 2010


    We are just starting on our own smoothies. We picked many pounds of blue berries last August and haven’t used them up yet. So here it is, July, and it is time to pick a fresh crop. A friend suggest smoothies as a quick way to use up frozen blueberries.

    Your receipe was our starting point. After following your directions we added to taste honey and vanilla. We used a short TBSP of honey and about an 1/8 tsp of vanilla. Delicious, especially after a hot day in July working in the garden.

    Next time we will try a little less soy milk, perhaps 3/4 cup instead of a full cup.

    Thanks again!

      • Blender Man
      • July 11, 2010

      Thanks for the great suggestions. That is why I love smoothies, they provide so much room for creativity when changing the recipe.

    • Anonymous
    • July 19, 2010

    183 calories if you use light vanilla soymilk :)

    • Anonymous
    • September 19, 2010

    After trying this recipe with vanilla almond milk I decided that the consistency was too watery so I added about 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt and that fixed the consistency for me! VERY DELICIOUS! :)

    • WindWaterr
    • January 27, 2011

    WOW! This is amazing! I find that the smoothie is still very good, even without the blueberries being frozen. 10/10!

    • Jessica M.
    • February 15, 2011

    Modified the smoothie just a bit so I could use what was in my fridge….
    Try 1 cup fresh blueberries
    1 cup soy milk
    1/2 cup strawberries
    1/2 cup kale

    Nice and thick – and you can’t see or taste the kale!!!!

    • Anon
    • March 9, 2011

    The consistency of this recipe was not right – it come out like a sorbet instead of a smoothie. I had to add more soy milk to get it thinner. Perhaps it would have also been smoother with bananas. It was too much like a sorbet texture.

    • Johnny
    • March 19, 2011

    Added 1/2 cup of frozen cherries for fun. Great recipe! Thanks!

      • Blender Man
      • March 19, 2011

      @Johnny – Cherries are always fun.

    • W&M
    • July 20, 2011

    Well, we are back a year later. Returned to this site as we had lost our recipe (see above).

    Made our first of the season smoothie this evening and it was spot on. We added something however because it was there – a peach.

    I (W) wasn’t in favor but I’ll have to admit M was right. Try adding a peach!

    So our recipe is:

    1-2 cup(s) frozen blueberries
    3/4 cup soy milk (we have Silk vanilla soy milk)
    1 TBSP honey
    1/8 tsp vanilla
    1 peach


    • Sam
    • September 7, 2011

    I added greek yogurt.

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