Sweet Dessert Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies with those with a sweet tooth, containing chocolate, honey, caramel and other sweetners. These dessert smoothies are sure to please children, adults and those new to the wonders of a great smoothie.

Walnut Toffee and Chocolate Smoothie Recipe


Not all smoothies need to be healthy, which one reason we have a category for dessert smoothies. And this smoothie is the newest member of our dessert listing. Another submission from one of our


Banana Caramel Smoothie Recipe


We have a few chocolate smoothies on smoothieweb.com, but not nearly enough caramel smoothies, at least in my humble opinion. With that thought in mind and my desire to give the Ninja Blender smoothie


Merry Christmas Smoothie


This is not a healthy smoothie recipe, but most things served during Christmas are meant to be a delicious treat and not for optimum health, so live a little and try this Christmas smoothie.


Green Envy Avocado Smoothie


I absolutely love avocados and adding them to a smoothie is something that is relatively new in the smoothie world. But I’m all about trying something new and how bad could it be? Well,

peppermint smoothie

Peppermint Smoothie Delight


Christmas is coming and one of the best Christmas aromas is the cool refreshing scent of peppermint. Add a little Christmas flavor to your smoothie this year and try adding peppermint to a smoothie.

Creamy Blackberry Smoothie

Creamy Blackberry Smoothie


Photo Credit: sreelus Okay, I realize creamy and blackberry don’t usually go together but that is what smoothieweb.com is all about, mixing flavors and textures that don’t always come to mind. This blackberry smoothie is

Eggnog Smoothie


Christmas is coming and with it comes a few treats you only get this time of year. And one of those treats is eggnog, so why not combine that delicious eggnog flavor with a

College Dorm Smoothie


Most of us don’t really have a package of frozen strawberries or a container of plain yogurt (not to mention flaxseed) lying around, but we crave smoothies too!  So this is for you, ESPECIALLY

Banana Split Smoothie


Too lazy to eat a banana split? How about drinking a banana split? Bananas are great smoothie ingredients so why not bring the split to the smoothie? You can add a scoop of vanilla

Blackberry Smoothie with a Twist


Blackberries pack a punch of antioxidants and this blackberry smoothie will keep piling on the healthy nutritional value with loads of other great, healthy ingredients. Yeah, yeah, it has ice cream too, but you

Raspberry Lime Smoothie


It ‘s time for lime, as in a refreshing lime smoothie recipe. I personally love the taste of lime and you’ll notice there are not too many smoothie recipes for this wonderful fruit. Of

Key Lime Smoothie


Looking for the great taste of key lime without the calories of a pie? This smoothie recipe is your answer. This great smoothie recipe comes from Back of the Box Recipes. Ingredients: 1 pkg. (4-serving

Peachy Keen Smoothie


Summer peaches, is there anything sweeter? Probably, but still…a peach smoothie in July is a good thing. You may wish to leave in the syrup if you use can sweetened peaches. Ingredients: 2 cups peaches (its

Grapefruit Smoothie


I personally don’t like grapefruit, but my wife loves them, so there must be others who would enjoy a grapefruit smoothie. While it is too tart for my tastes it is an ultra healthly

Mondo Mango Smoothie


I love a good, ripe mango and adding it to a smoothie with sherbet ice cream is delicious. Forget about the the nutrients in mango as well as the fiber, you’ll want this for

Great Grape Smoothie


Grapes are available year round, but summer seedless grapes are the best. As spring approaches I’m looking forward to the delicious flavor a crips red grape contains. Try thi in a smoothie and reap

Power Protein Smoothie


Looking for a delicious and protein packed smoothie? This may satisfy both the needs of your tastebuds and muscles. Ingredients: 2 cups of milk 2 tablespoons chcolate milk syrup 1/2 teaspoon dry chocolate pudding mix 1/4 cup peanut butter 1

Purple Cow Smoothie (Grape)


Sometimes it can be tough to find good grapes, especially during the winter months in Viriginia, so using grape concentrate in place of grapes is a good idea for a grape smoothie recipe. Ingredients: 2 cups

Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie


This is a combination I haven’t tried before but raspberries and chocolate seem like a good combination so maybe it will be as good as I think it should be. Try this chocolate smoothie


Vanilla Banana Smoothie Recipe


“This is a very simple recipe (as are most smoothies) which is a great cool relief from a hot summer day. Banana, vanilla, and orange are delicious together.” Submitted By: Emma J Vanilla Banana Smoothie