What could be more tasty than a sweet, juicy peach? Peaches have been enjoyed for thousands of years. In ancient Rome, the peach was called the “Persian apple.” The botanical name is “prunus persica.” But whatever you call it, don’t miss out the opportunity to try this delicious ingredient in your next smoothie!
The peach’s botanical name may refer to Persia (today called Iran), but genetic studies show that this fruit may have first come from China. This fruit has been cultivated in China, dating back to 2000 B.C.. Peaches by the 10th century B.C. were enjoyed by China’s royalty.

The peach traveled to other parts of the world, including India, Asia and Europe as the delicious taste of the peach soon became popular. By 300 B.C., the peach had reached Greece. Alexander the Great tasted the peach after he conquered the Persians. By the 16th century, the peach was a pricy treat to be treasured that one could find in the Americas, England and France. Fortunately today, there is no need to be royalty, do battle or to pay sky high prices to enjoy a delicious peach! Sweet peaches can be found in many places of the world, where it is sunny and warm, when they are in season.

Peach Nutrients
When you add that sweet and juicy peach to your smoothie, you are including a very healthy ingredient. Peaches have lots of vitamin A and potassium. They also have some vitamin C. Especially look to the peach if you have a sweet tooth but want a health alternative. Peaches are very sweet and known for being juicy. For a fruit that has such a sweet taste, you are receiving a lot of healthy benefits from it.

Adding Peaches to Your Smoothie
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add peaches to your smoothie. Remember that peaches are a summer season fruit, so you’ll only find them for a few months of the year. When you see them in the grocery store, pick a few up for that next smoothie.

Many like peaches in their smoothie for two tasty reasons: they are sweet and also juicy. Both of these will compliment your smoothie quite well. If you are looking for sweet fruits, you can’t go wrong by choosing peaches. Be sure your peaches have ripened completely before making a smoothie out of them or the taste will be a bit different, not quite as sweet and juicy.

The peach goes quite well with some ingredients and this makes it very popular. Try them with berries, such as raspberries or blueberries. These are also sweet fruits, so you’ll have a sweet smoothie as a result!

This ingredient is also definitely kid-friendly. Few kids will turn their nose up at a peach smoothie!

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