Doris Day once sang that “Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries.” Its easy to see how popular this song became, because this sweet red fruit would make a great comparison to a happy, joyful life! Cherries are a favorite ingredient to add to any smoothie. And they are beloved in many parts of the world. The #1 grower of cherries is Turkey, producing nearly 418 tons a year. America runs a close second place, producing 390 tons a year. That’s a lot of bowls (or smoothies) of cherries!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this sweet ingredient to your next smoothie. Remember that cherries are not available year-round, they do have a season. So you’ll want to pick them up at the grocery store when you see them, and enjoy them in that next smoothie.

In France, cherries are called “cerise” and in Spain they are called “cereza.” But in any language, you can expect to enjoy sweet and juicy cherries!

Cherry Nutrients
Cherries are most known for providing both vitamin C and dietary fiber. Just like any other fruit you pick up for that smoothie, they are a healthy choice. Many turn to cherries because they are one of the sweeter fruits you’ll find. So not only can you satisfy your sweet tooth, but you can also know you are doing something good for you body and taking in nutrients.

One tip to consider with cherries to increase the nutrients you ingest, is to add them with other smoothie ingredients like vegetables. The cherries will help sweeten that smoothie! It is a far better option than choosing other methods to sweeten your smoothie, even adding honey would be adding a form of natural sugar that some would prefer to avoid if they are going for that super healthy smoothie.

Adding Cherries to Your Smoothie
Cherries are not available all the time, but you’ll want to add them to your smoothie while they are available. Keep an eye out in your area for cherry season, and give them a try. Cherries are known for being very sweet and juicy. They are the perfect option for those trying to calm a sweet tooth or for “kid friendly” smoothies. If you are making smoothies as a family, try adding a handful of cherries and watch your picky eater gulp down that smoothie full of fruits & veggies!
Other sweet fruits in a cherry smoothie are a great compliment to it. Try just about any berry, from blueberries, blackberries and raspberries to name a few. Or consider one of the melons, a cool and fresh taste that will only enhance the sweet taste of the cherry but also let you taste that delicious melon (cantaloupe, honeydew).

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