Diet Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Smoothies are great for dieting. These diet smoothies are for anyone who loves the taste of a delicious smoothie and wants to lose those stubborn pounds or lose a little weight. Submit your diet smoothie recipes.

tomato smoothie

Tomato Smoothie


Tomatoes are a great ingredient for a healthy smoothie recipe because of their antioxidant properties. Men in particular should add tomatoes to their diet to help prevent prostate cancer. Ingredients:  2 cups (chopped) tomatoes 1/2 cup tomato

Tropical Tofu Berry Smoothie Recipe


Tropical Tofu Berry Smoothie 1 cup light (reduced sugar) fat-free vanilla yogurt 1 cup skim milk 1 banana 3″ cube of soft tofu 3/4 cup blueberries 1 cup strawberries Put yogurt, milk, banana, tofu, and Equal into blender and blend until

Tofu Smoothie Recipe


Tofu Smoothie   1 cup Tropicana Orange-Pineapple Juice   2 cups frozen strawberries   1 tablespoon honey   1 teaspoon vanilla extract   1 pack Nasoya Silken Tofu   1 cup Silk Very Vanilla Soymilk   1 large banana   12 packets

Another Strawberry Smoothie


Can you really have too many strawberry smoothie recipes? Probably not, so please understand if we keep adding more of these favorite fruit smoothie recipes. One of my favorites. Strawberry Smoothie Ingredients: 5 large strawberries 6 oz.

Tropical Berry Tofu Smoothie


A great combination of strawberries, blueberries and the added health benefits of Tofu make this a delicious and healthy smoothie recipe. Tropical Berry Tofu Smoothie Ingredients: 1 cup light (reduced sugar if desired) fat-free vanilla yogurt 1

Summer Blend Smoothie


A smoothie with a tangy punch of nectarines and guava juice, great for summer days and nights. Summer Blend Smoothie Ingredients: 1 nectarine 6 oz. light (reduced sugar) fat-free peach frozen yogurt (This is one container of Yoplait) 1/2

Yogurt Fruit Smoothie

Yogurt Fruit Smoothie


The simple yogurt and fruit smoothie. Almost the smoothie at its most basic. We added a few things to make the flavors a little more “complicated,” such as vanilla and a squeeze of lemon,