How to make the Perfect Smoothie

While making smoothies isn’t difficult, it will help to keep some things in mind before you begin. Following these guidelines can make the difference in ending up with a beautiful smoothie with a pleasing texture or a chunky concoction that looks like something you should pour down the drain.

how to make a smoothieAdding the ingredients:

  • Always pour the liquid in first. It will help prevent the blades from being stuck in the heavier, frozen bits of fruit.
  • Add semi-solids next such as yogurt, powders, and ice cream.
  • Add fresh fruit and then any frozen fruit.
  • If ice is called for, add this last always.
  • If you have time, it can help to thaw fruits before adding them—you don’t need fruit frozen throughout to have a good smoothie.
  • Be sure to cut large pieces of fruit into smaller pieces. This will help the blades cut through easier.
  • Once you decide on some of your most favorite recipes, buy in bulk. Frozen fruits work best in smoothies so don’t feel you have to have fresh fruit on hand.

How to Make a Smoothie

Blending a smoothie isn’t rocket science but once you have added your ingredients in the correct order, using this process of blending will help keep your blender from overheating and possibly painting your walls with half-blended fruit.

Start at a lower speed. Depending on your blender the setting will vary, but slowly increasing the speed is important. Let the blades have time to grab the fruit and ice until everything is freely circulating in the blender. It can take 20–45 seconds for this to happen. Your patience will be rewarded.

After you have slowly increased the speed you should have the blender up to a full power. The ingredients should be mixed to a smooth consistency. This is when we suggest you leave it on full power for another 30–45 seconds to let air get inside your smoothie and give it a lighter consistency.

If the blender is too full, the frozen ingredients may trap the blades. If this happens, unplug the blender and use your plunger that came with your blender or a wooden spoon to dislodge the pieces. Sometimes simply adding water or more juice will also free the blades.

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