Guest Post Guidelines

So… you’re a smoothie-nut that want to contribute a blog post, recipe, image or anything at all with our community?



We love meeting new people and hear their best stories. Feel free to share with us information that our community will appreciate.


General Guidelines to Get Your Contribution Posted:

  • Content must be 100% original and exclusive. No exceptions
  • Writing Style should be conversational. Don’t write like it’s an essay, write like you are talking to a friend
  • Include at least one picture, preferably more
  • Include a list of your sources at the bottom (for credit)
  • The minimum length of recipes is 400 words and 1500 words for blog posts
  • We allow linking out to other websites (Including your own), but only when it gives value to the reader


Every published will get promoted through our website and social media channels (we currently have 270,000 followers)


To send your submission, or for general questions, drop us a line at


Cheers !
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