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Grapefruit & Pineapple Smoothie

Grapefruit & Pineapple Smoothie

Grapefruit & Pineapple Smoothie
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I personally don't like grapefruit, but my wife loves them, so there must be others who would enjoy a grapefruit smoothie. While it is too tart for my tastes, it is an ultra healthy smoothie recipe.



1 1/2 cups grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed is preferred.
3/4 cup of sliced pineapple
1/4 cup of pineapple juice (this will sweeten it up nicely)
1 pomgranate
1 cup plain low-fat yogurt
2 cups ice
Optional: feel free to add a scoop of ice cream for an even sweeter taste.


8 Mins
2 Mins
Ready In
10 Mins

  1. In a blender, combine all ingredients and process until smooth.
    • Cindy
    • August 27, 2008

    This is such a delicious and refreshing smoothie! I really like grapefruit and loved the mix of pineapple & grapefruit together. I added a scoop of orange sherbet. Definitely a keeper!

    • byronshell
    • August 27, 2008

    Adding orange sherbet makes any smoothie taste better. Great idea, Cindy.

    • Teresa Marino Huete
    • May 30, 2010

    I added a banana, 1 ts vanilla and a dash of cinammin

    • LaRita
    • October 5, 2011

    I added the pineapples, frozen strawberries and a ripe banana with a tsp of honey…no yogurt instead almond milk…YUMMY.

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