For some, nothing could be more delicious and sweet than a handful of raspberries. For many, raspberries are a special treat, but we’d like to encourage you to add them to smoothies to enjoy them to the fullest. If you haven’t tried them before, these berries have a sweet taste but are a bit milder than other berries like a blueberry or a strawberry. The sweetness really comes through! Pick up a carton to try in your next smoothie.

There are a few types of raspberries enjoyed in different parts of the U.S.A.. Black raspberries, purple raspberries and golden (sometimes called “yellow”) raspberries. There are also the red raspberries that most of us know and see often. But no matter which raspberries you see and enjoy – each of them are delicious!

If you are from a certain generation, you may remember when raspberries were only available in the summer. Today they are available year-round. So there is no excuse not to give them a try in that next smoothie you make. Sweet, light and healthy, they are the perfect ingredient for your smoothie recipe!

Raspberry Nutrients
Raspberries are known for being a special treat, but they also have their fans because they are so good for you too. You can count on them for half of your daily recommended allowance of vitamin C per 1 cup serving. They are also an excellent source of fiber, giving you 30% of your daily recommended allowance per 1 cup serving. It can be the perfect way to add some fiber to your day, without eating something that tastes “fiber-y” like a bran muffin!You’ll also find lots of manganese in them. They are a good source for B vitamins (1 -3), folic acid, iron and copper.

Adding Raspberry to Your Smoothie
We think few can resist adding a handful of raspberries to their smoothie. This fruit compliments quite a few other ingredients well. Raspberries go well with melon, such as cantaloupe or honeydew. They also will make a delicious smoothie with strawberries or blueberries. Try adding raspberries to sweeten a smoothie with vegetable ingredients, so you have a fruity taste.
Raspberries are also a great kid-friendly ingredient. Even kids who turn their noses up at other fruits and vegetables will likely give them a try (and it is pretty easy to sneak a few other fruits n’ veggies in that smoothie under those raspberries!).

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