Many people enjoy cranberries on their Thanksgiving table. But don’t neglect the opportunity to enjoy cranberries in your smoothie! Did you know that these healthy berries are considered a “superfood?” Who wouldn’t want to add a fruit that packs a nutritional punch to their smoothie? We thought you’d agree.
It was the Native Americans who first began using cranberries as food. They called these berries “sassamanash” and used them with meals and also with medicine and to dye fabrics. The early settlers in America named the red berries “craneberry” because they thought the plant, with its flower and stem looked very much like the head of a crane. These berries have had other names too. In Canada they have been called “mossberries.” In England they are called “fenberries.”

Cranberries are grown today in a few parts of the world, including America, Canada and England. You’ll find lots of cranberries being grown in Massachussetts. A few cranberries are grown in Chile.

Cranberry Nutrients
You’ll find vitamin C, the dietary mineral manganese, dietary fiber and essential micronutrients in this popular healthy red berry. But cranberries also are a great source of polyphenol antioxidants and phytochemicals. There is research being done to see if this fruit and these properties are helpful to those with cancer, the immune system and the cardiovascular system.

Many also turn to cranberry juice when they have a UTI (urinary tract infection). There is research being done to prove this actually does help, but many prove by this home remedy, even drinking or eating these berries to help prevent possible UTIs from coming on.
If you are looking for a healthy ingredient to add to your smoothies, you cant go wrong with cranberries.

Adding Cranberries to Your Smoothie
One of the things you’ll want to remember about cranberries is that they are seasonal. You aren’t going to see them year-round. So take advantage of cranberry season when it comes around to enjoy them. This is the ideal time to try a cranberry smoothie and share one with family and friends. Cranberries will “keep” in your fridge for a few weeks, so you can buy them and enjoy them for awhile once brought home from the grocery store.

If you haven’t had fresh cranberries, you are in for a treat. But keep in mind that fresh cranberries do taste differently from that bright red “cranberries” stuff you see in a can every year. Those have been cooked, colored and sugar has been added. Your cranberries will look and taste a bit different, but are quite delicious. One thing many people notice is they have a bit of tartness to them. If you prefer a sweeter smoothie, try adding sweet berries or other ingredients that will compliment the cranberries.

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