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Coconut Oil Low Carb Smoothie Recipe

Coconut Oil Low Carb Smoothie Recipe


Coconut Oil Low Carb Smoothie Recipe
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1 small banana
other fruit (preferably fresh if available):
2-3 strawberries, peach slices, blueberries, etc.
6 to 8 ounces of fruit juice (orange, pineapple, grape, or whatever suits your palate)
2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil (solid)
1 scoop whey protein


8 Mins
2 Mins
Ready In
10 Mins

  1. Blend the above ingredients with the immersion blender until they are smooth.
  2. If the drink is too thick for your taste, add a little more juice.
  3. Clean up is a quick rinse and blending of a drop or two of dish soap in some hot water and a thorough rinse.
    • sunny
    • September 29, 2009

    Ummm… call me crazy but how can a low carb smoothie be made with a banana, other fruit and fruit juice?

    • ar
    • May 23, 2010

    You’d end up with chunks of coconut oil in your smoothie… ick!

    • jtntx
    • August 7, 2010

    look up the benefits of coconut oil. its a saturated fat, but a very healthy one. Also, the coco oil binds all the ingredients and makes for a smoother consistency, you don’t taste or feel it…

    • pineapple
    • February 5, 2011

    there are no chunks of coconut oil. it blends very well.

      • Blender Man
      • February 5, 2011

      Thanks for the information and report on your smoothie.

    • Anonymous
    • August 26, 2011

    where can I buy ready made coconut smoothies in Berkeley california>

    • Anonymous
    • May 11, 2012

    I have a very smooth, slushy mix, very nice. No coconut oil chunks ;).

    • Azra Ali
    • June 10, 2012

    Well! I am trying to add coconut oil to my diet. Found the page. Tried the smoothie, found it better than my other tries.Enjoyed my drink. Thanks

    • guest
    • June 29, 2012

    Yeah.. this has at least 50 carbs, not too much lower carb when compared to other smoothies.

      • Blender Man
      • July 6, 2012

      But these are good carbs. ;-)

    • Guest
    • July 11, 2012

    Good carbs? Do you know anything? Fructose is sugar, what are you even talking about?

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