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7 Smoothie Recipes Diet for a Week of Good Health

Sunday Smoothie One healthy smoothie to help you detox and keep a healthy weight. Start every morning with a smoothie and eat a healthy diet the rest of the day. A good smoothie is a good start. For lunch, have lean protein, whole grain, and a serving of vegetables. For an afternoon snack have a […]


Amazing Art Fruit Sculptures

While we would certainly prefer to eat our fruit or drink it in a smoothie, we can also appreciate it when fruit is elevated into an art form by the simply act of carving it into a sculpture. Here are some of the more artistic renditions of fruit sculptures we have found online. Please submit […]

How to Add Non-Dairy Yogurt to Your Smoothie

Yogurt based smoothies can be a great addition to a healthy diet.  Because the body needs a fair amount of the “good” bacteria, the probiotics found in yogurts are beneficial to the digestive system.  Probiotics which translated literally, means “for life,” are the living organisms that result in the health benefit of aided digestion.   […]

High Calorie Commercial Smoothies

Why You Should Avoid Commercial Smoothies

About those Over-the-Counter Smoothies Fruit smoothies have become quite popular in a health-conscious society. Whether it’s a specialty smoothies shop, a fast food restaurant or even your local gas and convenience store, you can easily pick up a smoothie on the go. But should you? Summer is coming and sure, they’re fruity, they’re cold, and […]


Why You Should Add Nuts to Your Smoothie

Almost every nut provides valuable and necessary nutritional benefits. And eating nuts in addition to drinking healthy smoothies and eating sensible diet can be good for your heart because nuts are very high in monounsaturated fats. (Most of the fat that you eat should come from unsaturated sources: polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. In general, […]


Choosing the Best Milk for Your Smoothies

Which Milk Option is Best for Smoothie Recipes You can make a great smoothie with fruit juice or water as a base but milk can be a great nutritional additive.  As people age, they need for the nutritional benefit of milk increases.  This is particularly true for women who need the protein, calcium and potassium […]


Why Green Smoothies are so Good for Good Health

It seems as if every day there’s a new weight loss fad guaranteeing to help you lose weight and keep it off.  But these usually lead to disappointment and the weight just won’t go away. Green smoothies may sound like a fad, but actually they’ve been around since 1988 when Dr. Ann Wigmore created what […]


How to Take Good Care of Your Blender

Appliances aren’t cheap.  That’s true whether you’re in the market for a refrigerator, a toaster oven or a blender.  If you’ve spent the time and money to research and purchase a good blender, you’ll want to follow this advice for taking good care of it.  If you follow these simple tips, you’ll enjoy your blender […]

Vita-Mix 5000 Blender

TurboBlend 4500 is a heavy-duty, commercial-quality blender that delivers optimum performance and power. Vegetables and fresh or frozen fruits blend quickly and completely. And so does hard ice that jammed and destroyed other blenders in the past.Blends At Speeds Up To 218 Miles Per Hour! – With its blindingly fast blending speeds, TurboBlend delivers me […]

Braun MX 2050 PowerMax 5 Speed Blender

Blend your favorite sports drinks, cocktails, milkshakes and more in this five-speed plus pulse jug blender from Braun. Its triangular lid design allows pouring from three different positions while the drip holes allow liquid to be added while blending. The safety interlock system allows operation only in the locked position. It has right or left-handed […]
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