Blendtec Blender Designer Series Review

If smoothies are a favorite in your home, it’s time to consider moving up to a premium blender like the Blendtec. The Blendtec Designer Series is one to look at when you want an appliance that looks as good as it performs. It will go with your kitchen decor, available in black, red and cream. I was very pleased with their Total Classic blender but admit the Designer Series has more style also with the great options. See pricing and reviews: Blendtec Designer Series Blender.

With the touch of a button or two, you’ll be drinking a smoothie that’s probably better than you’ve experienced. One of the things I noticed at first gulp is that everything blended. There are no seeds or tiny pieces of fruit or veggie that are left behind with this powerful monster.

If you’ve tried Blendtec’s Total Blender then you know they offer an appliance that is simple to use but packs a strong punch. Blendtec’s blenders are just 15”, shorter than the traditional blender, making it easier to store them under a counter. But you’ve still got the same amount of generous size in the pitcher as others, so you can make whatever you wish to enjoy and share.

What’s Great About the Blendtec Designer Series?

One thing anyone will admire about this blender is its blade. One might think that it would be as sharp as a scalpel to get the results it does – but the exact opposite is true. So you can be confident your smoothies will be praised and admired by family and friends each and every time. But clean-up is always simple, because the single wingtip blade is wide, thick and is not sharp.


You’ll be amazed by its 3 horsepower motor. With 1560 watts, it can pulverize whatever you send its way. Just take a look at Blendtec’s hilarious Will It Blend? series to watch them blend iPhones, diamonds (okay, cubic zirconia) and the strongest magnets that exist in the world. So if your son’s football team all want mango pineapple smoothies when they come over, you have no worries about the motor fizzling it on you after the first couple are sitting on the counter. Blending is always fast and smooth.

Clean up can be done during the commercial break of your favorite TV show. If you are a big smoothie fan, then you likely have (vivid) memories of taking apart your blender pieces, scrubbing, soaking and drying them and then putting them back together again. Not only is there no worry about a sharp blade but your clean-up is quick and efficient no matter what you’ve made.

The pitcher is to be admired, made from BPA plastic and is 90 generous ounces. The square shaped WildSide pitcher is special, only for Blendtec blenders, it actually has a patent on it! This pitcher has this name because it has 5 sides, the 5th is known as “the Wild Side.” You can purchase pitchers in smaller sizes if you prefer. There is also a small pitcher called the Twister Jar. This is an ideal choice to add to your blender if you love to make nut butters or ice creams. It has 2 large soft blades on the sides that “push” what is blended back to the center, so there is less fuss about scraping the sides.

You’ll appreciate the intuitive touch screen to make your blending choices. With Blendtec’s Designer Series you also have options galore. Not only can you make delicious smoothies with the push of a button, but it makes terrific nut butter, something that many blenders find quite challenging to do well. You can create fancy coffee drinks like lattes, ice cream, soup, bread, crushed ice and more. There is also a manual slider that lets you control the blending, making it go faster or slower. So if you are following a recipe and want to speed up or slow down the blending for a short time, this is easy to do.

Blendtec stands behind their Designer Series blender with a 7-year warrantee. I had my Total Classic blender for 5 years and used it between 3 to 10 times a day and always appreciated its smooth performance. I expect to see the same from my Blendtec Designer Series blender and appreciate the confidence of having a warrantee as well.

The blender is available for $339 at in Black, Red, White and Champagne. The Champagne color is priced higher.

The Blendtec Designer Series vs. the Vitamix 6300 Blender

Both of these blenders can make smoothies, but let’s talk about some of the differences between the Blendtec Designer Series and the Vitamix 6300.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the Blendtec Designer Series is a louder blender. My Blendtec Total Classic blender was a bit louder. With a higher-end blender you are seeing one that gives you a lot of power, so I’m quite frankly not surprised to hear something while it works.

With the Blendtec blender it seems to be more intuitively designed. You have many settings to create what you want, whether it is a smoothie, nut butter, coffee drink, bread, ice cream or to crush ice for example. The Vitamix 6300 blender has a tamper that you need to use for most of your blending. Yes you can make smoothies with a pre-set button, but there are only 3 options for those which is unlike the Blendtec.

The tamper tool with the Vitamix seems very helpful with this machine. But the Blendtec has come up with alternatives that work well without this option. The Twister Jar that you use to make nut butter or ice cream has 2 large soft blades that you can manually “twist” to help push what is on the edges or sides of the jar to the center if you wish. The WildSide pitcher does not need any manual assistance as it creates smoothies and other blended foods and drinks.

Is It Time to Make Your Move to a Blendtec Designer Series blender?

If you’re looking for a blender that offers high performance, lots of options and will easily compliment your kitchen’s décor, the Blendtec Designer Series blender is one that provides yummy results while looking terrific too.
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