Amazing Art Fruit Sculptures

While we would certainly prefer to eat our fruit or drink it in a smoothie, we can also appreciate it when fruit is elevated into an art form by the simply act of carving it into a sculpture. Here are some of the more artistic renditions of fruit sculptures we have found online. Please submit any fruit art you have or have found and we’ll add it to this page. Please pin any you like to your pinterest account.

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watermelon skull carved art

watermelon sculpture of a bird

watermelon owl sculpture art

watermelon heart carved art

watermelon carved art

watermelon carving art

two swans watermelon fruit art

snow white made from apples

pumpkin carved art

pineapple true with melon monkeys

owl made from fruit

illustration on a banana

kiwi teddy bear art

honeydew swan sculpture

dragon carved from banana fruit

carved face in watermelon

carved fruit flowers

baby carriage made from fruit

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    • Mbali
    • July 24, 2013

    woooooooow this is pure art….one wud be even scared to eat it

    • tjay
    • November 16, 2017

    good art techniques and stuff

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