10 Day Smoothie Cleanse – VSL Reciew

10 Day Smoothie Cleanse – VSL Script V1


I was about to burst into floods of tears on an airplane, and everyone was looking at me.


The beautiful stewardess with the perfect body was looking at me with a mixture of pity and disgust.


I felt like something she’d scraped off the bottom of her shoe.


It made me feel so fat, and so useless, and so pathetic.


Hi, I’m Sarah.


In this quick presentation, I’m going to tell you exactly what made me so upset on that airplane.


I’ll also tell you about the simple, never before revealed trick I used to boost my energy, lose weight at the same time, and never feel so ashamed again.


Weight loss was a huge struggle for me, until I stopped doing what the “pros” told me to do, and started following the unique advice I’ll reveal to you in the next few minutes


Watch this presentation until the end, and you’ll also discover…


A secret two-minute technique that can help you melt off a pound-and-a-half of ugly fat every single day, without starving yourself, craving certain foods, or suffering side effects.


The single most important thing you need to know if you want to lose weight without feeling tired or losing energy.


And why avoiding one common and dangerous weight loss mistake can help you lose weight twice as fast. You must avoid this at all costs if you need to lose weight quickly and safely, and it isn’t what you are thinking.


I have no idea how long this presentation will be online, or how long will be free-of-charge to watch. There’s so much valuable weight loss information here that I may start charging for it soon. So watch this now while you still can.


Maybe you think that you’ve tried every possible weight loss method that has ever been invented. I used to think that too.


But the surprising method I am revealing today can’t be found anywhere else online. I spent hours searching Google, and I didn’t find anything even close to this.


And one tip in particular will probably be a huge shock to you. It has helped me a lot, and you’ll find it towards the end of the presentation.


Remember, I’m about to tell you about a two-minute trick that you can use to lose at least one-and-a-half-pounds a day without feeling tired or taking risks with your health.


First, before we dive in, I’m going to share something from my personal life that my husband begged me to leave out of this presentation. I almost edited it out, because it’s SO bad.


You’ll see why he didn’t want me to include this humiliating story in just a second, so keep watching…and please don’t laugh at me.




I wasn’t always fit and healthy. And I certainly wasn’t always the type of person who has enough energy to spring out of bed in the morning with a big smile on my face, eager to start the day.


I was actually really overweight. But one day, things changed. I remember it so clearly. It was the 17th of July 2015.


It was a beautiful, sunny day. Back then, warm weather always made me so tired.


I’d recently gained more weight, and the sleeveless red top I was wearing was way too tight on me, especially around the arms. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking that my upper arms looked like two giant pink hams.


I was with my husband, and our five year old daughter.


We were at the airport, waiting for our flight to California for a vacation.


And to be honest, I was feeling anxious. I was worried about looking horrible and sweaty in the heat, and being so tired while taking care of our daughter.


Now, this story is incredibly embarrassing. But it was the experience that changed me from being horribly overweight, moving around slowly like a pink, sweaty blob of pudding, to being fit, energetic and healthy.


Maybe you can relate to that and you know that you need to lose weight and have more energy too.


I knew I had to change. But one more thing happened before I really understood.


It was time for our flight, and we started to board. I squeezed into the tight airline seat and got my daughter settled.


And then it happened.


A flight attendant walked past, took one look at how huge I was, and shouted up to the front of the plane “Hey, we need a seatbelt extension for the lady in seat 15C.”


My face instantly turned red. I hadn’t flown for years, since before I had my daughter. I had no idea that I’d be too fat to fit the seatbelt.


Even worse, it felt like the whole plane had turned around to look at me. I even heard a few people laughing, and I was so ashamed. I turned to my husband. He couldn’t even look at me. He was just staring straight ahead, like he didn’t even know me.


The skinny, beautiful flight attendant walked down the isle with the seatbelt extension. It was bright orange, and thicker than a regular seatbelt.


Her fake smile could barely hide the look of disgust on her face as she strapped me in. I felt more like some kind of heavy cargo than a human being.


“You know sweetie” she said “you’d really feel more comfortable if you booked two seats in future.” My husband couldn’t even look at me. He’s a loving man, but in that moment I know he felt so ashamed of my size.


I was so miserable, embarrassed, and alone. I couldn’t believe that I’d gotten so fat. I had to sit on that plane for four hours with a big orange belt around my waist, like it was a sign that said “Big Fat Monster Here!”


I had hit rock bottom. And my rock bottom was incredibly low.


But you know what? At that moment, I decided to change. I had to change. And it was the most important decision I have ever made.


Never again would I let my weight rule my life. I was determined to take care of my weight problem, once and for all. I would become the fit, healthy, energetic woman that my husband could be proud of. And I would never, ever be this way again.


I swore I’d go to the ends of the Earth to find someone who could help me lose weight, once and for all.


You know, at the time I hated that pretty, thin, smug little stewardess. But now, I’d go back and hug her. Because of her, I discovered THE secret to losing one-and-a-half pounds of fat in just one day, whenever I want.


And today, I’m going to save you the hassle and years of effort and reveal it to you. So keep watching.


Remember, although people say that I look great, and I am happy with what I see in the mirror, and how much energy I have, I’m absolutely no different from you.


I just stumbled on to an incredibly simple system that allows me to lose weight whenever I want to.


It’s a system that helps people like us drop 10 to 15 pounds in just ten days, and will help you lose even more weight whenever you choose.


It gives you the power and the freedom to have complete control over your weight, because you can wake up and decide to drop one-and-a-half-pounds any day you want, completely safely, with no cravings or starvation.


You’ll never feel tired. In fact, it will give most people an energy boost.


And you’ll experience the excitement of throwing away your old “plus size” clothes, putting on an amazing new outfit, and seeing yourself look incredible in your bathroom mirror.


This is the same system that allowed me to easily lose 81 pounds in less than three months without feeling tired or slow.


And it’s the same system that I’ll be sharing with you today, so that you can finally drop every pound of excess fat, and keep it off


I’ll share all the details of the system in just a moment


First, I need to tell you about the real reason it’s hard to lose weight, and why you gain weight in the first place.


This is the big-business conspiracy that stops you from achieving weight loss success.


And it’s the reason being overweight is not your fault!


The real problem is the proven fact that you’ve been lied to for years.  Those lies have destroyed your chance of losing weight and keeping it off for good.


Many people believe that the only way to lose weight fast is to turn yourself into an exhausted, low energy, starving zombie with a crazy diet or a painful exercise plan.


You might even have tried a diet that made you feel tired, slow and hungry, and assumed that was the only way.  Yet:


It’s all one big fat lie!


If you’re one of the many, many people who fell victim to this lie, then you must decide now to believe the truth instead. Because:


If you don’t, it makes losing weight almost impossible


No one can deal with low energy for weeks on end. We all have busy lives, we all have responsibilities.


If you’re tired – no matter how determined you are to lose weight – you’ll simply give in to candy or junk food that gives your body the energy boost it’s crying out for.


No matter how strong you are, you’ll “postpone” your dream body until a “better time”. And the better time never comes, because we all have busy lives.


Listen: I don’t want that for you. And I know that isn’t what you desire for yourself.


This lie is the reason that your struggles with weight loss are not your fault.  And now you know the truth: you can lose weight, enjoy life keep your energy up – all at the same time. So now you have a responsibility to take action.


If you want to blame someone, don’t blame yourself.


Blame the people who sell useless “lose your belly fat” starvation diets and “extreme” video exercise plans that steal your all of your valuable energy and just make it harder for you to lose weight.


These crooks have been lying about the best way to lose weight for years. You’ve probably been hearing their false and misleading claims your whole life.


It would confuse anyone. It confused me for years.


A study done by the University of Minnesota found that these low-energy diets actually change your psychology.


When the test subjects had low energy, they thought more about food, spoke more about food, and obsessed more about eating food!


You can see the problem. The advice you’ve heard from diet professionals just doesn’t work. Now I’m going to tell you what does work, and what will let you achieve your weight loss goals.


Let’s take a look at the three tips I have for you today.


These are the exact same tips that I used to achieve my ideal weight, and keep all the weight off. They’ve also been used by thousands of other people to finally get the body they deserve.


And one of these tips is a real life changer. Because that’s the one that made losing weight easy. When I used this tip, I kept my energy and my mood sky-high, even when I was losing a pound-and-a-half a day.


I’ll be sharing that important tip last, so keep watching. It has been responsible for most of my weight loss success.


Before that, I want to share a really simple tip that can get you started on the path to losing weight today.


First, you absolutely need to know about the one thing that you shouldn’t do if you are trying to lose weight.


It seems incredibly simple, but most people don’t do it and then wonder why they struggle to lose weight.


If you don’t avoid this, then you’ll be way more tempted to eat unhealthy food.


Here is the secret. Don’t choose your meals on the same day you eat them. Plan ahead.


This is just on the days that you’re actively trying to lose weight, so don’t worry. It’s not forever.


Simply plan out everything you’re going to eat at the beginning of the week. Sit down with a notepad, plan out your meals, and then make a shopping list.


Just doing this 1 tip will mean you can completely resist being tempted by unhealthy food. All the decisions have already been made, so you don’t need willpower. All you need to do is follow your plan.


Just imagine what your life will be like if you follow this tip. You won’t have to agonize over what you eat, and you won’t have to feel guilty when you give in to temptation. It’s just so much easier to stick to a solid plan.


And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll almost certainly lose a ton of weight, and save a ton of money on fast food and snacks too.


It’s really amazing how much this simple tip has helped me, and the people I’ve given it to.


Now, how would you like to actually enjoy eating the foods that will help you lose weight and get the body you deserve?


If you take advantage of this next simple tip, you can eat all of your favorite foods and still lose weight.


Here’s how you do it: never go on a diet for longer than 10 days in a row.


Do the diet for 10 days, take 5 days off, and then go back on for another 10 days if you need to lose more weight.


You can enjoy eating the foods you love on your days off, and still lose weight fast.


You see – if you stay on a diet too long, your metabolism will become slower. That means less weight loss. You’ll also become more tired, and drain away your willpower.


However, if you diet in cycles of 10 days on, 5 days off, you’re still losing a ton of weight while enjoying the foods that you love.


Just picture it. You’re in the middle of a diet and things get tough. Instead of giving up, you know that if you just wait a few days you can eat whatever you want.


You can eat foods you love and crave and still lose weight, because your metabolism is high and you’re still dieting most of the time.


Following this tip works perfectly, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose.


Very few people have the willpower to diet continuously for months. I know I didn’t. By breaking it up into 10-day blocks, you’re maximizing your chances of weight loss success.


And it gets even better. Here comes the big one. The really big, massive, crucial tip.


WARNING: Without using this tip, you can forget about losing weight. Because you simply won’t have the energy to continue.


This is the tip that will give you the freedom to lose 1.5 lbs any day you choose, and still have a ton of energy throughout the day.


All while you move towards your perfect body in the easiest way possible.


This is called the “Advanced Cellular Nutrition” principle, and it has been used by almost everyone who has successfully lost weight quickly and kept it off, whether they realize it or not.


Here’s how it works. There’s a part of almost every cell in your body that’s called a mitochondrion.


It’s known as the “cellular powerhouse”, and you can find it in every part of your body – whether it’s your muscles, your lungs, your heart or your brain.


The mitochondrion’s job is to create the energy that fuels each part of your body. The healthier your mitochondria, the more energy you’ll have.


Think of it this way: Your body is like a factory. Without good workers, the machinery in the factory won’t work properly.


The mitochondria in your body are like millions of tiny workers – and the healthier they are, the more energy you’ll have.


And the more energy you’ll have, the easier it will be to lose weight. Remember – most diets fail because people run out of energy.


The secret to turning your sluggish mitochondria into good workers is to eat a ton of the right fruit and vegetables.  If you want to lose weight and keep your energy up, you need to eat many as 10 servings a day.


Don’t worry, there’s an easy way to do it. And you only have to do it on the days where you want to lose 1.5lbs a day.


The easy way to get all of those fruits and veggies is with smoothies.


Now, this is very important. You CAN’T just drink any old smoothie and expect to feed your mitochondria, have tons of energy, and lose weight.


And you especially have to avoid store bought smoothies, or smoothies that you make from random recipes you find online or in books.


This might be surprising.


Most people think these drinks are super healthy.


However, If you drink them, you’ll absolutely kill your energy and be tempted to snack later.


These smoothies are almost never made with good cellular nutrition in mind.


They might contain lots of healthy fruits and veggies, but the balance is totally wrong.


And that means your blood sugar will be all over the place.


You’ll be tired, you’ll be hungry, and you’ll have almost no chance of sticking to your diet.


So, when it comes to store bought smoothies, or the average recipe found online – don’t do it. It makes losing weight incredibly difficult.


If you know exactly what to put in your smoothie, and I’ll get to that in just a second, your energy will soar.


With the right recipe, and just a few minutes of preparation, you can create smoothies that don’t just taste fantastic, they’ll also make your energy absolutely skyrocket.


Just imagine how you’d feel with unlimited amounts of energy.


You’ll be able to get everything done that you need to, ahead of schedule instead of rushing at the last minute.


Your career will explode, your colleagues and boss will gain a new respect for you – and you’ll get the money that comes with that respect.


And, best of all, you’ll lose weight incredibly easily and get your dream body incredibly quickly – because you’ll never be tempted to snack, you’ll always feel full, and you’ll have the willpower to continue with your diet.


Everyone in your life will be wondering “What’s up with this amazing change?”. But you’ll know what’s up! You’ve discovered the secret.


I know all this because that’s what happened to me. I’ve also seen it happen to hundreds of other women and men who’ve followed this advice.


OK, that was a ton of information. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed right now, and I totally understand. I felt exactly the same when I first learned this stuff.


Basically, you have two choices right now.


You can take all of the information I just gave you and try to lose weight on your own.


And who knows? You might get lucky, put all the puzzle pieces together, and start to see real progress towards your weight loss goals.


Or, there’s the wiser choice, the choice that all the smartest people I know took to speed their progress towards their perfect body. The choice that will give you certainty that you can achieve the body you want.


After all, there’s no reason to go it alone when someone else has already done all the work for you, right?


There’s no need to start from scratch when someone else has already laid out the exact, step-by-step system you need to follow.


A system that has helped hundreds of people achieve their ideal weight in just a few months, without cravings, without hunger, without tiredness, and without having to give up their favorite foods.


It’s called the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse.


That’s why I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine. His name is Mark Reynolds, and he is the man who helped me get my life back.


He is a super experienced nutritionist and dietician, and the creator of the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse.


The 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse is the first and only diet plan ever created that lets you drop weight without dropping energy. That means you’ll have the energy, the willpower and the determination to actually stick with It and lose all the weight you want.


This incredibly simple and easy system will work for you, even if:


You have a thyroid condition

You come from a family full of overweight people

Your body gains weight easily

You are more than 100lbs overweight

You only have a little bit of weight to lose

You don’t have the money for fancy gym memberships and equipment

You have a busy life (This works especially well for people who are busy!)

You are addicted to sugar

You have a long history of obesity


And even if you think you’ve already tried everything!


Now, before I tell you exactly what the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse is – let me tell you what it is NOT, to save everyone’s time.


It’s not some magic pill that will instantly make you lose weight no matter what you do


It’s not a starvation diet that will leave you desperate to shove food in your mouth


It’s not a 300 page novel that will bore you to death with useless information.


It’s not an “extreme video fitness program” that makes you work out in front of the TV


It’s not a useless “diet” that promises you can eat junk food every day and still lose weight


You know, like “Eat cakes and candy all day and still lose 50lbs a week!”


I think you’ve heard those lies too many times. It’s time for a realistic way for busy, stressed out people to lose weight – without the BS, and without the gimmicks.


It’s time for something that has actually been proven to work.


As I said before, I went to the ends of the Earth to try to find a way to lose weight. I met so many so called “fitness professionals” and tried so many diets and exercise plans.


I tried every single day for almost three years. It became my life’s goal to find something that actually worked, and after spending thousands of dollars on useless personal trainers, gym memberships, and “diet foods” – I almost gave up.


And then I met Mark Reynolds.


Mark has been a nutritionist for twenty years. He isn’t just one of those slightly-sleazy guys who hangs around your local gym. This guy actually has a degree in human biology from Cornell University.


But he didn’t create the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse with just book learning. He met with dozens of nutritionists, dieticians, professors and doctors, read hundreds of dry, boring academic studies, and tested his theories thousands of times.


And crucially, he examined the real reasons that people like you and me fail to lose weight, no matter how hard we try.


This passionate research revealed hidden patterns and unique (sometimes downright weird) tactics successful dieters use to lose weight and keep it off.


And now, starting today, you will have the tools to replicate their success!


These step-by-step, “anyone can do” techniques will give you the freedom to:


Feel completely secure and happy about the way you look, with no more guilt or shame

Feel like you have the health, the fitness, and the freedom to do anything you want or need to do

Have an exciting, heart pounding love life with your husband, wife, or whatever attractive people cross your path

Have an incredible wardrobe of flattering clothes that fit you, and get compliments!

Live a longer, healthier, happier life – and be there for the people who love you

And occasionally eat your favorite unhealthy treat, without any guilt or shame


All while your energy is turbocharged, your mood is high, and you get the beautiful body that you truly deserve faster than you ever imagined


Before we go any further, I have to be absolutely, 100% honest with you


If you’re looking for a magic solution that allows you to lose weight without any effort at all


Like a shake, pill or “keto” diet


Or some other plan that you know will never truly help you lose weight and keep it off


Then do us both a favor and just forget about the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse system, because it doesn’t make impossible miracles happen – just solid results


Just leave this page right now.


Because if that’s what you want, you’re living in a fantasy world.


This system is for people who are ready to get real, and forget about the lies they’ve heard about losing weight. It’s for men and women like you and me, who want a real, scientifically backed way to lose weight without making themselves tired, miserable and craving unhealthy foods.


The truth is that the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse isn’t easy. Nothing worthwhile is easy. When you want to lose 1.5lbs a day, you are going to have to change your lifestyle. But it’s as easy as weight loss can realistically get.


So, if you want the real answer.


If you want to:


Drop 10 to 15 pounds in the next 10 days


Continue to lose up to 1.5 lbs of ugly blubber each and every day


Have complete control over your weight, because you know you can lose weight whenever you want


Have the freedom to eat your favorite foods occasionally because you know you’ll never get fat again


Put an end to starvation or cravings


Look incredibly fresh, healthy and wide awake


And do it all without losing the energy you need to be a great wife, mother, husband or father?


Then the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse isn’t just an option. It’s the ONLY ANSWER to your weight problem.


Just check out the results that ordinary, average people are getting with this.


Verina lost 12 pounds in her first 10 days. She’s been overweight all of her life, but now she wants more for herself, she wants that swimsuit body that she won’t be ashamed to show off at the beach or at the pool. Now she’s losing weight, she’s stopped craving junk, and most importantly she now has the energy to continue losing weight even though she gets crazy busy with work and family sometimes.


Now check out Giselle. She had a baby a few years ago, but she was still 10 pounds overweight and she couldn’t get rid of it. Within just 10 days of using this system, the weight was gone, she had more energy for work and looking after her daughter, and she felt like exercising a whole lot more. And even better, she has the confidence that even if she does put on an extra few pounds, she can lose it easily.


Have a look at Whitney. Boom. 10 pounds gone in just 10 days. This is a ten day old picture! That’s how fast it can work. Now I know you might be thinking “when you lose weight that fast, you feel like crap”, but Whitney actually felt a whole lot better. She felt good on the inside for the first time in years. More energy, more productive, and best of all she totally beat her addiction to sugar. Very cool, right?


Let’s take a look at what you’ll get in the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse


In page 10 of the book, you’ll discover the principles of Advanced Cellular Nutrition™.


This includes the exact timing and strategy for you to lose weight incredibly fast while still maintaining high energy levels.


On page 66 you’ll learn the exact ratio between fruits and veggies that will stop you from craving junk food.


On pages 55-89, you’ll find the exact, step-by-step recipes that you can use to make these miraculous smoothies in any kitchen.


And on page 93 you’ll be introduced to the only way to keep the weight off permanently – a method that works for virtually anyone who tries it.


Now there are a lot of free smoothie recipes on the internet. And I’ll be honest with you – if you cut out the bad foods in your diet, and replace them with ANY healthy smoothie, you will lose weight.


However – if you drink any old smoothie to lose weight, you will have cravings. You will feel tired. And you are sabotaging your chances of success. Maybe you’ve tried that before, so you know exactly what I’m talking about.


When Mark created this program, he discovered something incredible. It’s called Advanced Cellular Nutrition™. This means getting the right nutrients into your body, at the right time, to nourish your health on the cellular level.


When you do that, you can lose a huge amount of weight without feeling tired, slow or sluggish. However – you MUST eat these exact everyday foods, at the right time, in the right order.


The 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse is the only program that has smoothie recipes created with Advanced Cellular Nutrition™. You won’t find these recipes anywhere else.


As you’ve probably already realized, the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse is a very easy diet to follow.


It allows you to lose weight quickly without suffering fatigue, low energy, or a fuzzy brain. That means you’ll never be tempted to reach for candy or junk food to top up your low energy levels during a busy day.


And I can tell you myself – the results are super fast.


In fact, I lost 15lbs in just the first ten days of using the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse. But it doesn’t stop there. I lost 10lbs in the next 10 days, and 12lbs in the following 10 days.


That’s 37 lbs in a month!


Now, you may believe that a system that can help you lose so much weight quickly and painlessly must cost a fortune.


And, considering the amount of scientific research that went into formulating this system, it really should.


Especially when you consider how many people it has already helped achieve their ideal bodies. Yet:


I’ll get to the discounted price in just a few moments.


First, I absolutely have to tell you about some of the unique things this one-of-a-kind system can do for you:


You’ll discover the six foods that you absolutely have to avoid if you want to stop sabotaging your chances of weight loss success. That’s covered on pages 43-47.


You’ll also discover some incredibly clever ways to preparing yourself mentally and physically for massive weight loss, on pages 48-52.


You’ll discover the one mistake that even experienced nutritionists and fitness professionals make when they try to lose weight, and how you can avoid it, on page 5


You’ll learn exactly how to control your blood sugar levels in the fastest way possible on page 122. It will complete kill your cravings for sweet foods.


Plus, Mark reveals the specific, down to the hour times when you should drink these smoothies to maximize your energy and weight loss willpower.


You know, when I first got the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse system from Mark he charged me $100 for the system alone


Yet, you aren’t just getting the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse system today.


Just for watching this presentation, Mark will offer you these free bonuses to help you lose weight even faster.


The first gift you are going to get today is a full video course that tells you exactly how to use the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse system. Every single element of the system is fully explained and demonstrated to make it easier for you to lose weight. This course is usually valued at $89.95. Mark will give it to you today for free.


Not only that, but you’re also going to get a Value Shopping Guide. This guide can help you save an absolute fortune on fruits and vegetables. It contains secrets that could help you slash your vegetable shopping bill in half, no matter where you live in the world. It’s valued at $29.95, and will save you money every time you go to the grocery store – but today it’s yours free.


And most importantly, you’re going to get free access to the exclusive 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse Private Facebook Group. We’ll help you connect with other people who have the same goals. It’s a great way to maximize your chances of success. Inside, you’ll also find exclusive tips for losing weight faster and easier, and managing weight loss with a busy lifestyle. We’d normally charge $8.99 a month for access to this incredible community. With the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse program, it’s yours free – for life.


Now you can see why I was happy to pay $100 for the 10 Day Smoothie Program. Even without all these bonuses, it’s an absolute steal.


And if you had to pay for the bonuses, your total investment today would be almost $240.


However, just for sticking with me all the way and watching this presentation to the end, I have a much better price coming your way. Just keep watching, as this deal won’t be around for much longer.


Of course, you could choose to continue along the path you’re on right now.


That path will cost you a fortune. How much do you spend on new clothes? Not fun, sexy, exciting new clothes. The ones you are forced to buy when you just keep getting bigger?


And I don’t even want to talk about the medical bills you’ll be forced to pay for when your overweight lifestyle eventually makes you sick. Some things don’t bear thinking about, but that’s what will happen if you keep doing what you are doing right now.


Plus with less energy, more days off work through sickness, and a sloppy overweight appearance, you probably won’t get that amazing career you are dreaming of. Maybe you’re already making a ton less money than you truly deserve. Before I lost weight, I definitely wasn’t.


Yep, being fat is expensive. And that isn’t what I want for you.


So, let’s make this an easy decision. OK?


I think you deserve to know why Mark is offering you such a huge discount today.


And you’re probably wondering why I’m not annoyed that I had to spend so much more, and instead I’m helping to create this presentation.


So let me share my dream with you. After seeing how the 10 Minute Smoothie Cleanse changed my life, I got in touch with Mark and told him I wanted to establish a cause.


It’s a cause that I’m inviting you to join, along with thousands of others who are ready to:


Transform their body


Go through their day with all the energy they need


Replace the disgusting, energy draining fat blubber on their bodies with sleek and attractive muscle tone.


And above all, go out there and share that sexy new energy with the world.


After the 10 Minute Smoothie cleanse changed everything for me, I wanted to share it with thousands of others.


Can you imagine how much joy that would create? Thousands of people finally taking control of their bodies, and living with the complete freedom of always losing weight easily, no matter how busy your life is.


That’s why our private, exclusive Facebook group is so important. Mark and I want to bring you all together, so we can build this community and change your life, and inspire thousands of others.


And the bottom line is: Mark believes in this cause too, so he decided that he absolutely needs to let as many people as possible join us.


That means a much lower price for you, because we both want you to join this community and join our cause, and we don’t want finances to get in the way.


So, today, you will not be paying the retail value of the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse and all the bonuses we are offering.


Not even close.


So your investment today will NOT be $240.


It’s not even going to be half that!


It’s not even going to be $67.


Your total investment today, which includes the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse program and all of the bonuses that you see above is now…


Only one payment of just $47.


Listen. Don’t decide right now. Take advantage of the unconditional triple guarantee.


Just try the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse for a full month.


If you don’t lose all the weight you expect in 30 days. Or…


If you do not have massive increases in energy in the first 10 days. Or..


Even if you just don’t like the way the program is written and designed! The size of the text, you name it… it doesn’t matter why, we will gladly refund every penny.


Look below this video right now.


Click the red button that says “Add To Cart” to claim your discounted price now.


You’ll join thousands of other 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse success stories, like John and Valerie.


When John started out, he had 42% body fat. Now, just three months later, his body fat has been measured at 7%, and he has added 12lbs of lean muscle.


Valerie could never stick to a diet because they always made her feel so tired, sluggish and useless. With the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse, she lost 15lbs in 10 days right in the middle of an important project at work that got her promoted. With the energy you get from this system, you don’t have to wait for “the right time” to lose weight. Even the busiest day of the year is a good time to get started.


James lost 49lbs in just over two months, and he says that his relationship with his wife is even better than when they were newlyweds. And we all know what he means by that!


Abigail was overweight her entire life. Even as a kid, she was a fat kid, ever since she can remember. Now, at age 36, she has lost over 90lbs with the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse and is experiencing what it feels like to be desirable and sexy for the first time ever. We all deserve to feel like that!


Chloe looked great when she was younger, but ever since she had twins she hadn’t been able to get her old figure back. With the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse, she lost 25lbs in just one month. Now she’s wearing the jeans she wore in college again!


Just look at some of the other killer things you’ll learn when you get the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse


You’ll find out why the fad diets pushed by so many experts are dumb, dumb, dumb, and the one fad diet that can lead to cravings, binges, and even serious health problems. (Page 5)


You’ll learn the most overlooked, “hidden” reason that “yo-yo dieting” (gaining, losing, and gaining weight again) can be incredibly dangerous, and stop you from ever getting the body you deserve. (Page 7)


You’ll discover the one and only proven effective way to keep your skin looking young, fresh and bright, without expensive creams, potions or pills. Best of all, it’s almost free! (Page 117)


You’ll learn 3 “tricks” which are the surest way to stop stress from building up in your body and ruining your chances of losing weight (Page 134)


You’ll find out about the number one rule that absolutely MUST be observed if you want to lose weight the easy way, rather than struggling with cravings. (Page 43)


AND, if you act now, before this presentation ends or you leave this page.


Mark will include a SUPER BONUS worth $39.99, absolutely free. This is a very limited offer. Right now is your only opportunity to get hold of it.


It’s called “The Green Smoothie Challenge”. This bonus will be absolutely perfect when you’ve already reached your ideal weight, and you want to maintain your energy.


You can use the smoothie recipes in this book whenever you want a boost in energy, but you’ve already reached your ideal weight. They super-charge your energy like a strong coffee plus an energy drink… and much, much healthier.


That brings your total value to almost $280. And even at that price, getting your weight problem fixed for good is a total bargain.


Yet, just by clicking the red button below the screen now, you’ll get the entire 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse, with all the bonuses, plus the super bonus, for only $47.


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You’re also joining a weight loss movement. And I hope it will become one of the most powerful weight loss movements in history.


You’ll be part of a supportive weight loss community for people who want to lose weight without losing energy.


And, you’ll even make some incredible friends along the way if you participate in our exclusive, private 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse Facebook group.


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Here’s what will happen when you click the button that says “Add To Cart” below this video.


You’ll be taken to our 100% secure check out page, which looks like this.


Then, after you order, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up even more VIP only bonuses to get you started on your weight loss journey even faster.


Then, simply click on the button that says “Complete Your Order”. It looks like this.


Finally, you’ll create your members only account, and you’ll have full access to this page: the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse member’s area.


It’s that simple!


Remember: You’ve been struggling with the wrong kind of life for too long. Way too long.


And if you don’t take action, it’s just going to lead to more pain. More days where you can’t stand looking at yourself in the mirror. More health worries. More missed opportunities.


And more weight gain.


Yet, all this can change so quickly when you start using the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse. You’ll start looking and feeling better in just a few days. In a few months, you’ll be a totally different person.

Much healthier. Much happier. With bags of energy to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. And to be the person you’ve always wanted to be.


Picture this moment. You see the weight coming off in the mirror, today, and every single day, 1.5 lbs of fat just melting away. Every day you look better and better.


You’ve bought a new outfit that you could never fit into before. You’re walking down the street and you catch your reflection in a store window. And suddenly you think “Damn, I look fantastic! I feel fantastic!”


You feel alive. More alive than you have for years. You are finally experiencing the life you deserve.


Yes, it’s true. Your weight problem, until today, was not your fault.


It’s true that you’ve been lied to.


By all the “weight loss shakes”


The “special fat free foods”


The “keto diets”


But today is the day you have to take responsibility.


To take the action you know that you need to take. To put an end to all the lies (including the lies we tell ourselves) and start life again, with a realistic, attainable, and high energy weight loss plan that actually works


And unlike those fake solutions, this one is actually guaranteed to work.


Try it for 30 days. If you don’t think the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse is the final cure to your weight problem, then you pay absolutely nothing.


Plus, if you ever have any problems then you can contact our friendly support staff.


More Testimonials.


Immediately after you order, you need to watch the introduction video. This simple video will tell you exactly what you need to do to begin losing weight immediately.


Remember, today you’ll receive.


The full 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse system that gives you the freedom to lose 1.5 lbs of fat on any day you choose to.


You can wake up in the morning and think to yourself “Hmm, I want to lose 1.5 lbs today” and if you follow the system it will happen, whenever you want. And you’ll still have the energy to be the best person you can be that day, at work, at home, wherever.


You’ll also be receiving the video course that explains exactly how to do every part of the program in the simplest “baby-steps” way you can imagine.


On top of that, you’ll get the Value Shopping Guide that will help you save money on fresh fruit, vegetables and other healthy food whenever you buy groceries.


And you’ll also get immediate access to the most supportive community you can imagine in the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse Facebook group.


Do not put this off for one second longer. Here’s why:


First, as you probably remember, Mark has lowered the price by over half just so you can jump in now.


Yet, eventually, he is going to have to raise that price back up to what it really should be.


So act now before that happens.


Also, our private, exclusive 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse Facebook Community has a membership quota. We want everyone to get individual attention in there, so it can’t get too busy.


Once it’s full, everyone else is out of luck.


And let’s not forget – if you don’t take action now, maybe you’ll never take action.


Some people never take control of their weight, their health, and their life. “A few more days” turns into a few more years. Years of living half the life you should be? That’s what I call a real waste of time.


It’s not just about looking good. Your health will start to fail, you may even lose your marriage, and you’ll look back on your life knowing that you never really had the happiness that other, thinner, healthier people had.


And by then, it will all be too late.


So let’s make sure you get the life you really want. This will give you complete control of your body weight for the rest of your life. It will cure your weight problem. And if it doesn’t, then we’ll give you every penny of your money back.


So do the only smart thing you can do right now.


Take control, get that freedom, change your life. Wisely get on the right path. The path to a sensible, realistic, energetic weight loss today.


Click that “Add To Card” red rectangle button and let’s get started now.





























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