Wheatgrass Smoothie


Wheat Grass SmoothieI have never had a wheatgrass smoothie so I’m can’t really write anything about it other than to ask you to tell me if a wheatgrass smoothie is good. Is it? Should I try it? Will I like it? Are there any similar tastes? Leave your responses in the comments below. I am really curious if I should start drinking them. I found this recipe in my Vitamix Blender Recipe book.

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 medium orange, peeled and halved
  • 1 medium apple, quartered
  • 4 strawberries, fresh or frozen
  • 1/2 cup of wheatgrass
  • 1 cup ice cubes

Place all the ingredients in your blender and blend for about 1 minute. Then come back to this website and tell us how it was. Be honest, my taste buds are at stake.

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  1. Reply Celynn Erasmus May 12, 2011

    There are a Wheatgrass Smoothie is there which is really good I like this so much.


  2. Reply John May 13, 2011

    so where can you get good wheat grass?

    • Reply Blender Man May 14, 2011

      This is one of the better brands Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder

    • Reply Jean April 21, 2016

      you could try the 3 grass blend by perfectsupplements, I got some from wecarenaturals.com. The three grass blend contains oat grass , wheatgrass and barley grass which are cereal grass, not grains, and they are gluten-free, it is 100% vegan, non-GMO, and USDA Certified Organic.

  3. Reply Stacy Russell May 27, 2011

    I love Wheat Grass smoothies, they taste great you just add your fav fruit and juice, mabey some vit’s , ice, I like to use Rice Milk ,some Green’s , carrot’s and your good to go . I use wheat Grass powder myself but it’s wonderfull all the same . Give’s great energie,It’s bRain food , Lot’s of antioxidents , Helps with fasting , great for your gast track , great for the kidneys , gull , it’s great for detox , great for Metab . ( It’s a Boost for your soul so love you-self!

  4. Reply Stacy Lolly Pop May 27, 2011

    The Best thing that ever happend to me . It’s a life styel it’s not only tasty but it’s great Brain food, energie, Metabolizem, cleans your liver, gull, kidneys, gast track and you feel as freash a ever with adding Greens , fruits, yogurts, rice milk and more . It’s worth it

  5. Reply Stacy Lolly Pop May 27, 2011

    Now i go to farmers market mostly so i can buy the bulk Dry Wheat Grass , Flax Seed, Froven acai pack’s ,wheat germ. then i go to a reg store and buy diffrent fruit’s , Lot’s of Green vegie’s ( Green spinich, collard greens, green bean’s, Beet’s, I always put a half cup of good olive oil, Coconut juice ( Organic) same with organic acai juice , some V8 juice , mellons, and you can freeze all the fruit and if your energiezed enough you can even freeze your next day smoothie and have it ready to go at lunch time . these are some idea’s of mine but ,yes the Wheat Grass is one of my fav smothie drink’s as it promotes all the vit’s that you need with a smoothie flavor that you can make on your own to fit your pallet . It’s worth saveing your Kidney’s , gull, gast track ( IBS) colitis and much more . Clean your-self out and enjoy your new way of life i am .:) have a good day

  6. Reply katadc July 1, 2011

    Just tried this, my first ever wheat grass. I also put in some red grapes. Pretty darn good. Can not taste anything remotely like I thought grass should taste.

  7. Reply Anonymous February 5, 2012

    you can just grow wheatgrass right in your kitchen. Simple, cheap, and super cool. Just cut it off, and stick it right in your blender with some favorite fruits and some water. check out some great ideas on youtube.

  8. Reply Jen April 22, 2012

    I found this article: Do not mix with citrus. Citrus kills enzymes and enzymes are one of the most important parts of wheatgrass juice. Think about it. You put citrus juice on bananas and other fruit and vegetables to keep them from turning brown. Enzymes is what turns fruits an vegetables brown.
    Pineapple juice is not citrus and is an excellent chaser or mixer with wheatgrass juice. Apple juice is a good mixer. Wheatgrass juice can also be mixed with water half and half.

  9. Reply Amaya July 23, 2012

    Tried this recipe and it wasn’t good at all. It tasted like water and grass to me. Maybe instead of water you could add a juice.

  10. Reply MizzEm July 29, 2012

    Well, this one went down the drain, and the expensive container of wheatgrass powder (as suggested by a previous reviewer, especially since I only have an ordinary blender rather than a $400 monster) is waiting to go back to the store. I’ve had fresh wheatgrass juice added to the *very expensive* smoothie-bar drinks and with enough fruit, yogurt, and sweetening there was a tolerable undertone and aftertaste resembling the smell of a just-mowed lawn, but the wheatgrass juice from my local health-food store is insanely expensive. I took yet another reviewer’s advice and used apple juice (cider, actually; regular apple juice is pretty much sugar water) instead of water, and a bunch more frozen strawberries instead of ice cubes for more flavor, but I only got three swallows down before gagging – really had to force that third one down. I can only describe the taste as “what compost smells like”. Drank a cup of iced Tummy Tamer tea and brushed my teeth, but still couldn’t get rid of that taste so I was queasy all morning. I live in a place that normally doesn’t get very hot in the summer but it’s been really miserable this year, so I’ve been pretty much living on smoothies and trying at least one new one almost every day. So far my success rate has been about 50%. LOL

  11. Reply Anonomys August 19, 2012

    tastes horrible-ick. Then i added two bananas,large, and a few, around five, more strawberries and its all good. The bananas did the trick tho

  12. Reply dannette August 22, 2012

    The best wheatgrass smoothie is:
    one banana
    12 oz almond milk
    3 cubes ice
    one heaping serving of wheatgrass powder (Amazing Grass or Pines)
    a squeeze of agave if u want
    a handful of fresh blueberries (organic)
    I put four broccoli florets because I’m really about this health thing, but its up to you.

    This combo is delicious and very worth your while..I do this daily and have lost 12 lbs since may and no longer need blood pressure meds..also my skin and hair are gorgeous.


  13. Reply Elizabeth September 10, 2012

    Had my first wheatgrass smoothie yesterday at our local market in Cincinnati (findlay Market). It was amazing. I’ve been doing a green smoothie in the morning for 2 weeks and I have to say I feel amazing. I like the fact that you can taste the wheatgrass…its a earthy taste but if you’re not really into that kind of thing you can mask the taste a bit by using fruits in your smoothie. its a win win I’ve lost 6 lbs in those two weeks and I’m so committed I’m planning on growing some of our own veggies next year to support my get healthy habit. Good luck

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