Strawberry, Kiwi & Banana Smoothie


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I chopped up some fresh strawberries, kiwis, and a banana. I added some strawberry yogurt and apple juice, and blended it all together. It was so delicious. It was nice to take this photo using day light on Saturday morning… wish I could take more photos in daylight rather than at night after work.

Editor: This smoothie is one of the best on the site in my opinion if you want the most flavorful smoothie you can make. Strawberry and kiwi make a wonderful flavor combination, but the hint of organic apple juice
really makes this smoothie a winner.


  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 kiwi
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup strawberry yogurt
  • 1/4 cup apple juice
  • Anonymous

    Sounds good

  • Lanee


  • Danielle

    This sounds great(:

  • Anonymous

    Can you put the recipe like -1/2 banana?

  • Blender Man

    you can put a banana in any smoothie recipe.

  • Bennett

    I made this and it was great. The apple juice wqas a nice change from milk.

  • dan

    hey, this is an awesome smoothie! The only change I made was insted if apple juice I used grapefurit juice and it’s amazing!

  • AK

    What’s the recipe? You just gave us the ingredients…

    • Blender Man

      As with most smoothie recipes, just add to a blender and blend it until it is the consistency you want.

  • nida

    nice i am gonna make it

  • amy glover

    wow i never had a smoothie and yummy as this

  • mitchi3z

    ohmygosh this looks like the best smoothie eva!
    lololol im gonna make this in this week

  • krystal castillo

    omg ok well i really need to try this recipe it looks so good and i really need to make a smoothie this coming april on the second!!! lets test this baby out!!! FYI im only tweleve1/2 yrs old now really who at that age is into this…??
    well l8r :-)

  • adrienne

    can you put it like this 1/2 it make it easy to follow and i want make a mistake hay it does sound good

  • Smothie Queen

    this was so good. what other strawberry smothie recipes do you have?

  • hottybash

    thk this looks so delisious i hav to make it awesome(:

  • andea

    this sounds good! im excited 2 make it. hope it is good!

  • tuesday afternoon

    i’m excited about making this but I want to make sure I don’t mess up the portions. Is there any chance someone could let me know the amounts (specifically how many strawberries and kiwis and the amount of strawberry yogurt and apple juice) they used?

  • jenny chailland

    hello. Hmm. yeah this is great i am making this for my class room.. for a project but its really good thanks for the ideal ha. byee:)

  • jessica

    can we not have the strawberrys in the smoothie?
    and that looks and sounds really good.

  • Anonymous

    i tried this but the only change i mad was insted of apple juice i used tropical juice. turned out great!10/10 I LOVE IT

    BTW: i dint like the seeds

  • afeera

    i tried this but the only change i made was insted of apple juice i used tropical juice. turned out great!10/10 I LOVE IT

    BTW: i dint like the seeds

  • emilycs

    It sounds good but i am allergic to dairy so could i make it without yoghurt.

    • Blender Man

      That is the great thing about smoothies, there is no wrong way. Try yogurt and see how you like it.

  • v

    making it right now!

  • GHXpert59

    Oh my gosh, absolutely delicious! I added everything with exact measurements and I have never tasted anything better! The only problem is the seeds.

  • the man

    I made this and it was actually pretty good;)

  • lisa

    it looks great,hope it taste better. trying this out for my food and nutrition exam.

  • smoothie queen

    it was awesome!!!!!!packed with vitamins C and A!

  • Vender blender

    Loveeeddd it!! It was sooo good!!! Thankz for the recipie

  • Anonymous


  • Erin O’Brien

    i didnt have any apple juice or strawberries but i tried blending everything else together and it was delicious:) YUMMY!!!!

  • jessica Jefferson

    how much does it costs

  • Rena

    This is my favorite smoothie it works with ice too.

  • Anonymous

    this is great

  • Anonymous

    I tried the strawberry ,kiwi and banana smoothie and it was great.I recomend it to everyone.

  • raul

    soo goood

  • Anonymous

    it stunk

  • Archy

    This looks really good, i am going to make it in my catering exam ^_^ ty for the recipe.

  • Lauren

    How can i figure out nurition facts on this smoothie?

  • kayla

    its ok but the kiwi part it doesnt taste that good but its still a good smoothie

  • Ashley

    Omg that sounds disgusting but that is just my opinion

  • anomymous

    awesome!!! but instead of the banana i added blueberries with bluberry yougurt!! tastes great right now!

  • Neil

    Is there a way to print the recipes?????

    • Blender Man

      @Neil – there is now. Thanks for “suggesting” this feature. I found a great tool – print friendly – that adds this option. You will now see a print option at the top right of every recipe. Thanks for taking the time to ask.

  • bob

    dose anyone know if i put milk it would taste better insted of apple juice??

  • Laura

    What about using an apple instead of the apple juice? Can be good, can’t it?

    • Blender Man

      Laura, using an apple is fine. Sometimes fruit juice is easier to come by.

  • Allyson

    How many servings does this make? We’re trying toile a list to go to the store with :)

    • Blender Man

      Well, for me this is one serving, but I like my smoothies to provide a meal portion. You can easily make this 2 smaller servings.

  • hi hi hi

    i am going to try it

  • Chloe

    I always make this smoothie before I even came on this site! Add some blueberries aswell which are good anti-oxidants and makes it taste good :D I used just plain yogurt and if you don’t mind he extra calories you can add a little double cream to make it nice and creamy!

  • rennie

    can i use milk instead of yogurt….my daughter does not like yogurt

    • Blender Man

      Yes, milk is fine. She may not mind the yogurt mixed with so many other fruits.

  • Upland Hunter

    This is an interesting ‘site. It appears no one, except the site owner, has any command of the American english language. It is difficult, if not close to impossible to read and understand what the writer is trying to say. That said, folks, please edit before publishing you comments. If you have only a third grade education, then have an adult edit the writing. Gods Speed.

    • Blender Man

      I appreciate the compliment. My grandmother was a 3rd grade teacher so I was corrected constantly as a child in both my verbal and written skills. Who knew it would pay off through blogging.

  • Ashley

    This is very good but I made some changes to the recipe.
    I wanted to make more than this recipe made so that my kids could have some too… So I used what I had. I used 2 bananas, a handful of blueberries, 3 kiwi, about a half pound of strawberries and an apple. I didn’t have any regular yogurt so I threw in two 6oz cup sizes of strawberry greek yogurt and a little milk. My kids loved it, but I found it to be a little sour, or I suppose bitter would be the better word. Is there any way to add some natural sweetness without adding any sugar? I suppose if I had used regular yogurt and apple juice it would have probably been sweeter but I am trying to avoid anything with a lot of sugar in it.
    Any ideas? I am new to making smoothies, but am wanting a healthier life style for me and my children and this seems to be a good way to go!
    Thank you for the recipe! :)