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Vitamix Blender for Making Smoothies


This is the blender I use. For years I used my cheap $50 blender and would have to replace it after the motor burned out. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and by the best blender on the planet, the Vitamix Blender. It may cost a more, but this is a lifetime, one-time purchase you will not regret. If you buy your blender from this site, you will receive free shipping which will save you $25. If you wish to call Vitamix rather than ordering on the web, you can still get free shipping by giving them this code when you call:

***06-005995 ***


Fast Food that's fresh from the gardenA whole food diet is the key to a long and healthy life. New recommendations encourage consuming more fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day. This is easily accomplished by eating terrific-tasting, nutrient-rich whole food meals made in the Vitamix machine.

Steaming hot soups & sauces in 4 minutes Juice whole foods in 60 secondsFrozen treats in 30 secondsGrind grains and knead dough in one 5 minute operation Cooking soup from scratch that’s hot, hearty and satisfying in just 4 minutes.Makingwhole food juice that’s full of fiber and flavor in under a minute.Makingfrozen treats that are full of fruit and low in fat in only 30 seconds.Grinding fresh whole grains into flour and kneading dough for healthy home made bread in one 5-minute operation.

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Vitamix Super 5200

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