Homemade Orange Julius (Secret Smoothie Recipe)



This is as close to the original Orange Julius smoothie recipe as I have gotten. Other readers agree this is accurate. Make it and let me know what you think. Did we get close to the mark for this secret smoothie recipe from Orange Julius?


  • 6 ounces orange juice, from frozen concentrate, unprepared
  • 1 cup milk, low-fat okay
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 8 ice cubes

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender set on high speed for 15-30 seconds.

Makes 2 smoothies.

Nutritional Facts (Per Serving)

  • Calories (kcal) 289.6
  • Fat (g) 1.4
  • Saturated Fat (g) 0.4
  • Trans Fat (g) 0.0
  • Cholesterol (mg) 6.1
  • Sodium (mg) 64.1
  • Potassium (mg) 762.4
  • Carbohydrate (g) 63.9
  • Fibre (g) 0.7
  • Sugar (g) 63.4
  • Protein (g) 6.1
  • Vitamin A (RAE) 93.1
  • Vitamin C (mg) 129.6
  • Calcium (mg) 187.6
  • Iron (mg) 0.3
  • Vitamin D (μg) 1.2
  • Vitamin E (mg) 0.6
  • Thiamin (mg) 0.3
  • Riboflavin (mg) 0.3
  • Niacin (NE) 1.6
  • Folate (DFE) 137.9
  • Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.2
  • Vitamin B12 (μg) 0.6

Nutritional Analysis

  • Low in saturated fat
  • Very low in cholesterol
  • Very low in sodium
  • Very high in vitamin C

Nutritional Grade: C

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  1. Reply Kaitlyn November 26, 2008

    MMMMMM!!!!!!!! I loved this recipe. We used a tad more ice which I thought added to it. Anyways, fabulous smoothie!!!

  2. Reply Meghaaaaann January 5, 2009

    This Smoothie looks Delicious..That’s why this is what im gunna make for my french projct..
    this recipe made it so much easier.
    Lovee Alwaayss..
    Meghaaaaann <<3

  3. Reply Tanner January 5, 2009

    MMMM! this is pretty good.. maybe a little more sugar but other then that, great:)

  4. Reply Patty January 12, 2009

    Here is the recipe that I have for an actual Orange Julius:

    Orange Julius
    6 ounces orange juice, from frozen concentrate, unprepared
    1 cup milk, low-fat okay
    1 cup water
    1/4 cup sugar
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    8 ice cubes
    Combine all ingredients, except ice cubes, in blender. Blend 1−2 minutes,
    adding ice cubes one at a time, until smooth.

  5. Reply alex January 19, 2009


  6. Reply Theresa February 6, 2009

    I made this reciope, but to keep it a little healthier I used Stevia in place of sugar. It was GREAT!! Loved it.

  7. Reply julia June 13, 2009

    it sounds great but it is GROSS

    • Reply Blender Man June 14, 2009

      julia – you really didn’t like this? Can you be specific why it was “gross”?

  8. Reply Autumn June 29, 2009

    I can vouch for the egg- I remember as a child it was a special treat to get an Orange Julius. I remember them asking if we wanted whole egg or egg white or no egg at all. We always did egg white.

  9. Reply steph July 31, 2009

    we tried it without the egg and it tasted just like an Orange Julius!!!!!!!!! :)great smoothie!!

  10. Reply Liam September 1, 2009

    I tried it without eggs and found it was great! but i also found it made alot! so i used

    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 cup water
    1/2 cup orange juice
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    1/8 cup sugar
    and a couple ice cubes

  11. Reply ToxicTom September 16, 2009

    When I was a kid we’d mow lawns and shovel snow for neighbors. This one lady would always make us orange julius’ for us when we were done. All I remember was her putting the raw eggs in it. It was delicious. This looks like the recipe. I’m trying it.

  12. Reply OJ MAN September 24, 2009

    This is pretty much as close to the actual recipe as you can get at home. The egg white is the key to it’s authenticity. It makes it nice and frothy. The OJ chain uses a powdered substitute, but I would recommend trying it with the raw egg white.

  13. Reply Tommy October 21, 2009

    I’m not a fan of this recipe. I’m not sure if it was the eggs or not enough orange but I didn’t think it was so good.

  14. Reply Madison January 16, 2010

    MMm i just added like 1/4 cup of mild and it was delicious great job

  15. Reply daniel January 20, 2010

    that looks really nice mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  16. Reply I love this July 24, 2010

    This is much like my dads recipe that he handed down to me. This is the original smoothie! I’ll make it as breakfast, cracking 5 whole raw eggs into it.

  17. Reply Anonymous August 9, 2010

    not bad

  18. Reply Kari August 30, 2010

    I make an orange julius without water and eggs and it comes out great.
    7 ice cubes
    pulp free orange juice filled to top of ice
    1 tbsp of vanilla extract
    1/2 pack of vanilla pudding (powder)

  19. Reply Laura September 29, 2010

    Hi i love smoothies i drink it all the time for breakfast. I’m not really a fan of smoothies with orange
    juice. Would it make a differnce if I replace sugar with sweetner??????

    • Reply Blender Man October 11, 2010

      Use whatever sweetener you prefer. Honey is always a good choice or Stevia for those watching their calories.

  20. Reply matthew cawley December 10, 2010

    VERY nice

  21. Reply Bree December 17, 2010

    O my goodness it was amazing….i like it with a bit more of an orange flavor but thats the beauty…i just added more orange juice! it was so good

  22. Reply Matt March 7, 2011

    This recipe is awesome and soo tasty. My whole family loves it!

  23. Reply Anika March 18, 2011

    Egg whites? Seriously? What about Salmonella?

  24. Reply Christina March 23, 2011

    I dont know about this recipe but I have one that I make that my husband says taste just like an orange julius. I’ve never been to keen on raw eggs or adding sugar when I don’t have to. Here is the recipe if anyone wnats to try it. To me this recipe taste just like the orange starburst.
    8 oz of Orange Juice
    5 frozen whole strawberries
    1 1/2 handful of frozen sliced mangos
    1 heaping tbls of yogurt (I use vanilla)
    Blend till smooth and Enjoy.

  25. Reply Amber April 5, 2011

    Anika – the worry with salmonella comes from mishandling of eggs, not the inside of the egg. All of the bacteria that causes it can potentially be found on the outside of the shell. As long as you wash your hands after handling the egg and make sure you don’t get shell in your egg whiles, you’ll be fine.

  26. Reply Kim April 12, 2011

    Salmonella doesn’t come from the whites it comes from the shell

  27. Reply dana June 1, 2011

    OMGGGG I am in heaven!! I always loved Orange Julius’s banana strawberry smoothies. Give the positive reviews this recipe received, I was excited to try it as a way to make good use of 17 bucks worth of strawberries we got when we took the girls to pick strawberries. So I followed this recipe…used about a cup of strawberries and 2 bananas instead of the oj….and voila! I have the besttttt smoothies ever now! I’m still sipping on mine now…was too excited not to give my good review right away lol :-) enjoyyyyy, I know I am!!!

  28. Reply Shaye June 11, 2011

    I just read alot of the comments but didnt go though all of them and I think every-one of the comments said it was Delicious and they loved it, but my opinion is i dont really like it. After having a few mouth fulls it kinda made me feel sick so yeh but thats just my opinion and i wont be making it again…

  29. Reply meeeeee June 21, 2011

    soooooo yummmy! the egg whites made it the bomb!

  30. Reply Lickmylipsn'equa July 1, 2011

    Girl! This is da bomb! After gettin’ my gold tooth in, I wanted sompin’ cold and delish. I saw this recipe and went off! It’s better than a drive by! I lipped that glass until my tongue was numb! Gonna make one for all the ladies in my hood! MMMMMMM-MMMMM!

  31. Reply kristen December 19, 2011

    I thought this recipe was great!! But i left out the egg whites and added a whole banana instead. I used only 1/8 cup of sugar and it was delicious!

  32. Reply LaughinLori February 17, 2012

    I’ve made this using vanilla protein powder, ice and orange juice. Tastes just like an orange julius. Is raw egg ok to eat? What about salmonella?

  33. Reply Laineynpreet February 21, 2012

    this was amazing but we actually squezed the juice freshly and it made it a lot better.

    • Reply Blender Man February 23, 2012

      Fresh squeezed will always be better, IMHO.

  34. Reply trish June 28, 2012

    we always made orange julius as follows:

    tray of ice
    half can frozen orange juice concentrate
    1 cup water
    1 cup milk
    1/2 cup sugar? or to taste
    2 tsp. vanilla extract

    this makes a whole blender full, enough for several people. The milk makes it creamy, but I will try the eggs since we’re on a diet that doesn’t allow much dairy.

  35. Reply Victoria Mentra August 26, 2012

    Really good but i adapted it quite a bit;
    I added 1 banana and 15 grapes. more vanilla. I used powdered sugar. Fresh squeezed orange juice, and a TON more ice. ITS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
    Heres the recipe;
    1 cup orange juice
    1 cup water
    2-3 teaspoons vanilla extract
    15 red grapes
    1 banana
    1/2 cup powdered sugar (use more if desired)
    1 1/2 trays of ice
    LOVE!!! <3

    There you have it! Its SOOOOO good!

    Mix together untill everything i

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