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We see many wonderful and creative infographics everyday and thought it might be nice to include a collection of curated healthy infographics for our readers.

As we are trying to be more than just a site that provides delicious smoothie recipes, we are now going to be providing the most helpful and useful infographics we can find. There are many types relating to health and food and we will try to show mostly infographics that are geared towards a healthier diet, but we may show others that range from the humorous to the instructional. What we are trying to say is you never know what you’ll find, so keep checking back. And feel free to submit and infographic is you find one that your think our readers would enjoy. ([email protected])

We won’t simply focus on smoothie infographics, although there are a few of those we will showcase, we will try to show food health infographics so you can get the helpful healthy information you need quickly and easily, just like when drinking a healthy smoothie. ;-)


Why You Should Add Nuts to Your Smoothie


Almost every nut provides valuable and necessary nutritional benefits. And eating nuts in addition to drinking healthy smoothies and eating sensible diet can be good for your heart because nuts are very high in