Protein Smoothie Recipes for Restoring Muscles & Energy

Looking for a quick breakfast or snack to keep you filled up until lunch, try one of these protein smoothie recipes. Submit your protein smoothie recipes.

Power Strawberry Smoothie

Power Protein Strawberry Smoothie


Don’t overlook this 2-fruit smoothie. The fruits get a big healthy boost from the flaxseed oil and brewer’s yeast, which will help you keep a healthy weight. Research shows that protein is more filling

Strawberry Banana Protein Packed Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Protein Packed Smoothie


Merry Morning Smoothie Adding brewer’s yeast to your morning smoothie adds chromium, which was found to correct glucose intolerance and insulin resistance. This can decrease your appetite and helps promotes weight loss. (This smoothie recipe was

Berry Banana Soy Milk Smoothie with Brewer’s Yeast


This berry-rich smoothie is an excellent source of potassium. Potassium helps to build muscles, helps muscle work properly and helps convert the food we eat into energy. It is particularly important when trying to

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie


This Chocolate smoothie was submitted by Krysten. She has provided a delicious smoothie with chocolate, peanut better and banana. A triple threat combination that is a winner every time. Ingredients: 1 cup chocolate coconut milk 1 banana 2

Great Smoothie Recipes for After your Run or Workout


You’ve finished a great run.  You’re tired and sweaty.  Chances are you’re not ready to dive into a heavy meal and all you really want is a cold beer and a hot shower.  But

Low-Carb Chocoberry Geek Smoothie


Chocolate and raspberries are a wonderful combination. Whip up these two ingredients and you have a smoothie that is sure to please and a new favorite you will be making in your blender for


Almond Joy Chocolate Smoothie


Smoothies are usually healthy and usually look healthy and sound like they are healthy. Well, this smoothie is healthy, only the name sounds kinda unhealthy. But it is full of wonderfully good for you,

POM Morning Protein Smoothie Recipe


I love pomegranate and POM is a wonderful way to get the great taste of pomegranate and the wonderful health benefits it provides. Pour POM into a smoothie, add some protein powder and a

Tropical Pina Colada Smoothie

Tropical Pina Colada Smoothie


I’m not a huge fan of pina colada, although I love the song. ;-) But I must admit I do love the smell of coconut so if you make this smoothie, I would suggest

Barry Zito Protein Smoothie


I was thumbing through ESPN the Magazine and found this smoothie recipe by Major League Baseball pitcher Barry Zito. He says, “I came up with this after a bit of experimentation.” Usually that is

most awesome breakfast smoothie

Most Awesome Breakfast Smoothie Recipe


Make this smoothie every morning for breakfast. It’s rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, omega-3 fats, monounsaturated fats, soy protein, and so much more! Ingredients 1 banana 1/2 apple 1 kiwi, peeled 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries 1 cup orange

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe


I decided to make a instructional video about my most favorite healthy breakfast smoothie recipe. I have this smoothie about once a week and would do it more if I had the time every

Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie


This is a recipe that I use when its one of those hot days and im to lazy to make anything and I can’t think of anything cold to eat. Ingredients: 4-5 apple bananas (2-2

Power Protein Smoothie


Looking for a delicious and protein packed smoothie? This may satisfy both the needs of your tastebuds and muscles. Ingredients: 2 cups of milk 2 tablespoons chcolate milk syrup 1/2 teaspoon dry chocolate pudding mix 1/4 cup peanut butter 1

Eggnog Smoothie Recipe


Christmas Eggnog Smoothie Eggnog is great during the holiday season and smoothies are great anytime. Can you see where I’m going with this? Eggnog Smoothie! 4 ice cubes 1 cup water 1 scoop Fat Flush Vanilla Whey Protein 1

tofu smoothie

Tofu Smoothie Recipe


Tofu Smoothie   1 cup Tropicana Orange-Pineapple Juice   2 cups frozen strawberries   1 tablespoon honey   1 teaspoon vanilla extract   1 pack Nasoya Silken Tofu   1 cup Silk Very Vanilla Soymilk   1 large banana   12 packets

Power Smoothie Recipe


If this power protein smoothie doesn’t get you moving you’ll need to add pure adrenaline. A great smoothie recipe with power. Power Smoothie 1/2 banana 1/2 cup yogurt 1/2 cup fruit juice (i.e. orange, cranberry, etc.) For added nutrition

Strawberry Soy Smoothie


Adding the soy and tofu gives this a protein boost along with all the helpful nutrition provided by soy and tofu. Strawberry Soy Smoothie Recipe 1 cup vanilla soy milk 5 ounces silken tofu, firm, chilled and


Avocado Blueberry Smoothie


This recipe is from the California Avocado Commission. I added this because I love avocados and blueberries, but even I must admit this seems like a very strange pairing. Avocado Blueberry Smoothie Source: Recipe courtesy of


Peanut Butter Sundae Smoothie


This one takes a bit of preparation, but if you like peanut butter you will like this smoothie. Although technically it may not be a blended smoothie, it goes down like smoothie. Peanut Butter Sundae