Melon Smoothie Recipes, Healthy Benefits & Nutrition

One of the best things about choosing melon for your next smoothie, is you have so many to choose from! Try watermelon, honeydew, winter melon or cantaloupe to name a few. Each is sweet and cool. Many like melons because they have a light taste to them. Some of these (like watermelon) are only available during the summer, so when you see them in season – it is time to grab them for your smoothie! Give one – or several – melons a try in that smoothie recipe. You’ll see different results with each variation of melon.

It is no surprise that melons came from both Africa and Asia, where they could grow in warm and sunny climates. They began to appear in other parts of the globe, and early settlers in America grew honeydew melons.

A fun fact as you make that smoothie: did you know that the melon is considered a “botanical fruit” – classified as a berry? And some of these wonderful melons are actually considered to be vegetables and not fruits. Ah yes, the melon just gets more and more interesting you see.
Light, sweet, refreshing and cool, there is nothing like this smoothie ingredient. Give it a try in your next smoothie!

Melon Nutrients

Melons are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6. They are also a good source for niacin and potassium. You’ll find melons to be full of fiber, just as any fruits are. Many of people who love smoothies like to add melon because it is a lighter tasting ingredient but still offers healthy benefits. It is also an ideal opportunity to enjoy summer fruits – like watermelon – in your smoothie making!

Adding Melons to Your Smoothie

If you are looking for a cool and refreshing fruity taste, you can’t go wrong with a melon smoothie. One of the challenges you’ll face in making melon smoothies is that this is a lighter tasting ingredient. So it can easily become overwhelmed by other ingredients. Try to select other fruits, vegetables and smoothie ingredients that will compliment it well. Ones that wont take over the show.

That being said, one of the best combinations you can choose is melon and berries. The light, refreshing melon and the sweet, juicy berries work so well with each other and you can easily taste both of them. But you probably wouldn’t get the same successful results by adding a heavier fruit like a banana.
Melon smoothies are a great way also to enjoy summertime. Some melons are only available in the summer, including watermelon. Keep an eye out for them at the grocery store and try one of them in your next smoothie!


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