Alcoholic Smoothies

Look through our alcoholic smoothie recipes featuring recipes with Gin, Rum, Vodka and Bourbon.

Rum Daiquiri Smoothie


Smoothie recipe submitted by Althea. I got this one from the 2012 Food and Wine Festival Held at Epcot Disney World Florida. I don’t know the exact measurements but this is a good start, I


Merry Christmas Smoothie


This is not a healthy smoothie recipe, but most things served during Christmas are meant to be a delicious treat and not for optimum health, so live a little and try this Christmas smoothie.

Mojito Smoothie Recipe


A smoothie with a kick from Captain Morgan. Nice. Mojito drinks have become more popular over the recent years so it was on a matter of time before the Mojito smoothie was created. Thanks

No Oxidantal Buzz!


No Oxidantal Buzz! This recipe combines the powerful antioxidants found in tart cherries with an antioxidant cousin, the pomegranate.  Mix them with some vodka and ice and the result is a multi-berryable buzz.  You can

Berries Gone Bananas!


This recipe is a relative of “No Oxidantal Buzz”.  It achieves a good balance of sweet and sour using a combination of rum and tart cherry juice.  It offsets its fragile image with the

Banana Colada Smoothie Recipe


Banana Colada Smoothie Submitted By: Mary Young “This is a rich, soothing, summer smoothie-type rum drink. It has been my husband’s favorite since we began having this drink. Now he is making it for us! Be

Tofu Smoothie Recipe


Tofu Smoothie   1 cup Tropicana Orange-Pineapple Juice   2 cups frozen strawberries   1 tablespoon honey   1 teaspoon vanilla extract   1 pack Nasoya Silken Tofu   1 cup Silk Very Vanilla Soymilk   1 large banana   12 packets